UPSC IAS The Hindu and Indian Express Current Affairs 02 Jan 2017

UPSC IAS The Hindu and Indian Express Current Affairs 02 Jan 2017 highlights are:

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Questions to think

Playing  the  angles,  with  Russia

  1. What are the reasons for the new lows in USA-Russia relations?
  2. What is the Russian view on USA and what issues made it to believe that USA is trying to contain Russia?
  3. In 2016, what are the issues where Russia and USA worked together?
  4. Why in Syria, USA Russia cooperation has failed?
  5. What is the relevance of NATO in the changed global environment?
  6. Why president Trump is interested in resetting ties with Russia?


Not just  about  a  quota

  1. Why india need reservations?
  2. How in your opinion caste is influencing the socio economic identity of an individual in india?


Rs 5.5  lakh for each PoK refugee

  1. What is PoK resettlement fund?

Demonetisation  alters economy’s  recovery  path’

  1. How demonetization can affect the growth?


You can Drop these words to attract the attention of the board

  1. Polycentric world order
  2. Ballistic missile defence
  3. Cold war logic


Playing  the  angles,  with  Russia

Russia and USA relations are getting redefined in cold war logic. It is visible in USA actions against Russia in matters related to crimea, deployment of ballistic missile defence in Central Asia. It also accuses Russia of interfering with American presidential elections.

In matters of Syria, ceasefire agreement signed did not move forward and Russia is able to maneuver the Syrian crisis to its advantage.

NATO. Pentagon , political establishment in USA still see Russia as an existential threat. Weapon industry in USA is also structured on the same logic. Ongoing terrorism is still not  considered as a great threat by NATO.

President elect Trump openly admitted that he wants to closely work with Russia.  it is based on two important dimensions of world view. He considers terrorism and a china are a greater threat to USA hegemony rather than Russia. If he succeeds , it will trigger a cascade of realignments across the world.


Not just  about  a  quota

Reservations are the most dividing issue  among different castes in India. People from upper caste oppose the reservations stating it as against to Merit, equality. In this case following arguments need to be seen in favor of reservations in india.

  1. Upper castes have access to means over centuries and social, economic capital was built over years.
  2. Success of the people from lower castes shall be seen as a Merit of a different kind – that is to function against adverse conditionsand gain from it.
  3. Upper caste have nurtured rich networks in business, employment that help young generations. Same is missing in reserved categories.
  4. Reservation is a policy tool that promotes equality rather than undermines it. It ensures representation of all social groups in positions of power.
  5. Reservation exists  because,  in  addition  to  being more  likely  to  be  poor  than  general castes,  Dalits,  backward  Muslims,  and Adivasis  face  social  discrimination  and exclusion  that  poor  people  from  general caste  backgrounds  do  not


Question of the day

  1. Reservations in india are more towards equality rather against to it? Express your opinions.



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