UPSC IAS The Hindu and Indian Express Current Affairs 03 Jan 2017

UPSC IAS The Hindu and Indian Express Current Affairs 03 Jan 2017 highlights are:

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All’s not well in the Army

  1. In your opinion, how relations between armed forces and civilian government shall be?
  2. Are promotions need to be merit based or seniority based?
  3. If merit based promotions have to be provided what safeguards are necessary?
  4. What are the major challenges military personnel system is facing?
  5. What is the way out for the existing problems?

BCCI  – The price of defiance

  1. What are the issues with cricket administration in india?
  2. What are Lodha committee recommendations?
  3. Do you think Supreme Court is appropriate in removing chairman and secretary of BCCI?

New Year’s-evetragedy in Turkey

  1. What made Turkey so vulnerable to terror attacks?
  2. What are the challenges of Turkey in relation to Kurds?



All’s not well in the Army

The major issues plaguing the Indian army are

  1. Dilution of seniority principle – it can lead to politicization of army, if criteria for determination of merit are not objective.
  2. Tactical view – appointment of General Rawat as army chief on the considerations that he has necessary experience with insurgency shows tactical view taken by govt in its appointments to army. Army chief job is of a strategist and not of a tactician.
  3. Skewed promotions – promotion policy is providing advantage to infantry and generals are interested in promoting people from their own regiments.

So, the way forward is a bringing in a bipartisan selection committee for the appointment to the post of army chief.


The price of defiance

Supreme court of India has appointed Lodha panel to suggest recommendations to improve cricket administration in India. SC of India asked BCCI to implement the recommendation. While court was expecting compliance and correction, BCCI obstructionist tactics and defiance made court to remove its president and secretary.


New Year’s-evetragedy in Turkey

Turkey is facing series of terror attacks. It is a reflection of the failure of ErdoganSyria policy. ISIS, Kurdish extremists and crack down on opposition by the state made situation very vulnerable.



The rediscovery  of  urban  India

Government of india smart cities mission, AMRUT are very different from JNNURM in changing Urban landscape.

  1. Politics are not allowed in determining beneficiary cities. Objectivity and transparency is maintained in selection of cities and allocation of central resources under new urban missions.
  2. Top down planning is given way for participatory urban planning.
  3. City level action plans are prepared with clear demarcation of priorities.
  4. Focus is shifted from project based approach to area based outcomes.
  5. Credit rating is been brought in for the cities.
  6. Integrated single window clearances for construction permits.
  7. 15 lakh affordable houses under Pradhan mantri awaas yojana are approved.
  8. Financial position of local bodies is improved through greater allocation under 14th finance commission.

When women eat last – social attitude research for India.

Women nutrition is closely related to the nutritional status of children. In india, at household level, women eats at last and most of the time do not take sufficient nutrition. Government could  do  a  lot  more  to  promote gender  equality.  It  could  publicize  and condemn  this  practice.  It  could  also more  aggressively  pursue  policies  to address  discrimination  against  women in  other  domains.  Encouraging  girls’ education,  discouraging  dowry,  supporting  marriage  choice,  and  encouraging  female  labour  force  participation would  all  give  women  more  power  to challenge  this  damaging  practice.


SC judgement on religion in elections


Terming religion avery private relationshipbetween man and his God, aseven-judge Bench of the Supreme Court of India , held thatan appeal for votes during elections on the basis of religion, caste, race, community or language, even that of the electorate, will amount to a‘corrupt practice’ and call fordisqualification of thecandidate.

According to the court “Election is a secular exercise and therefore a process should be followed… The relationship between man andGod is an individual choice and shall not interfere with election process.


Question of the day


  1. Discuss how the urban governance has changed with AMRUT and smart cities mission. Do you think, people centric governance can improve the urban governance in india.




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