UPSC IAS The Hindu Current Affairs 4 January 2018

UPSC IAS The Hindu Current Affairs  04  January 2018 highlights are:

04 January 2018

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Maharashtra shuts down as Dalits and Marathas Join forces

Ideological and caste differences bought major cities of Maharashtra to standstill. The battle of Koregaon Bhima fought in 1818 between East Indian company and Peshwas is the reason for present standstill. In this war, Mahars Employed in East India company fought in favour of them and are responsible for defeat of Peshwa. War is a symbol of valour for Dalit community and loss of Maratha pride to imperialistic power to others. In this scenario, 200th commemorative year has brought conflict to forefront.


Understanding Bhima Koregaon

It can be seen from following dimensions

nationalist vs Imperialistic perspective.

A diversionary tactic from growing unrest among Marathas on employment and education needs.

Politicisation of Dalits and development of Dalit solidarity.


Chilka lake sees a marginal drop of birds at 8.9lakh:

Bord population at the chilka lake – Largest brackish water lagoon in india saw a fall in bird visitors.


Mahadayi row

Goan chief minister Manohar Parrikar clarified that Goa is only objecting Karnataka’s plans for transfer of water from the deficit basin of Mahadayi to Malaprabha.



Towards a genomic revolution

Genetics provides for endless possibilities to medical field. If integrated with Bio technology, Nano technology and Bio informatics its benefits become synergistic and gets multiplied. Costs of genomic research also have come down drastically. Today, sequencing of entire genome has come down to less than $1000 per individual. India has to take initiate a serious work on following areas to improve quality of services to its people.

India needs to collect information about genetics of its population and train manpower capable of interpreting it.

As genetics diversity of India is too high, wider surveys on gene pools need to be conducted. It helps to identify genetic risk factors for common diseases.

Synergy need to be established with bio informatics, bio technology to ensure genomics revolution.

Regulatory framework, Human resource development is necessary to promote broad framework for both public and private sectors.

India has scientific resources for genetic research – all it needs is a vision at national level to synergise efforts and to realise outcomes.


Money talks

President trump has announced for withdrawal of aid to Pakistan and accused of not taking sufficient action on Pak based terror groups operating in Afghanistan. This is in tune with newly announced Afghanistan policy of Government. But there are few important take outs for india.

Pakistan is still strategically important for USA and its war on terror in Afghanistan. It is a major Non NATO ally of Pakistan. If carefully observed Pakistan is not part of the travel ban countries announced by president Trump.

All American statements are focussed on Pakistan’s support to terror groups that threaten peace in Afghanistan and more particularly US troops in Afghanistan. They action against groups that focus on India is not its priority.

China is coming in strong support of Pakistan both financially and military. so, Pakistan is not much worried about loss of aid support from USA in the immediate future.


Citizen count

National register of citizens in Assam is complicated by many factors.

India do not have a deportation treaty with Bangladesh.

Preparation of register is delayed, Many of the immigrants have children and Grand children born in the country. If their citizenship is rejected they are bound to become stateless citizens.

Citizenship(Amendment) bill that makes Hindu migrants from Bangladesh eligible for citizenship makes things further complicated.


Behind the enemy line

Cease fire violations are causing man and material damage on both sides of the border. In his scenario, following observations are important

There is far more border population on the Pakistani side than on Indian side. So, popular pressure from Pakistani side is higher on army for ceasefire.

Cross LoC trade has persisted inspite of ceasefire violations.

Pakistan deployment on the LoC is thin compared to Indian side.

Military officers posted on both sides are far more open to confidence budding measures than the civilian bureaucracy and Government.

Pakistan is willing to formalise ceasefire agreement of 2003.

So, following measures are very important

Reducing the destruction of civilian habitats on both side of the border.

Regular meetings between director generals on both sides.

Establishing more flat meetings between the commanders.


January 4, 2018
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