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My notes 05 Jan 2017



Bengaluru’s night of horror

  1. How can we ensure safety of women in public places?
  2. Can westernization be blamed for molestation of women?
  3. Why women are not coming forward to complain about these incidents?

Wheels within wheels in Uttar Pradesh

  1. Why vote bank politics are so prominent in india?
  2. Supreme Court Judgement on section 123(3) of RPA will effect dalit parties more than others.
  3. What are the reasons for the rise in dynasty politics in india?
  4. Can electoral benefits guide governance decisions?

Running  into  the  Chinese  wall

  1. What is UNSC 1267 committee?
  2. What are the reasons for the fragmentation of global consensus on terrorism?
  3. How will it affect India?
  4. What are the provisions of Indias comprehensive convention on international terrorism?

For  a  level  playing  field

  1. What are the reasons for a weak representation of women in indian sports?
  2. How women wrestling is connected with empowerment of women?



Indian American members of Congress will play a crucial role

  1. How Indian American representation in USA congress will help deepen Indian interests?

State  media  cautions  China over  India’s  labour  cost  edge

  1. What are the factors that determine establishment of global supply chains in a country?
  2. Why India is a favorable destination in comparison to china?

China’s stance on terror self-defeating: India

  1. What is chinas stand on mason Azhar?



Bengaluru’s night of horror

Urban public spaces are becoming hostile to women. Recent molestation against women on new year party eve in Benguluru and attack on software engineer in chennai reflects the same.

State and society shall take responsibility for the safety of women. Strong laws alone will not be sufficient to do this. Social attitudes need to change and sensitivity of police and judiciary shall increase to the issues of women to fight the menace. Blaming on westernization will not help.



Running  into  the  Chinese  wall

Indian and china relations are seeing a new low in relation to fight against terror is concerned. China is repetitively blocking India efforts to list massed azhar under UNSC 1267 committee. It states lack of sufficient evidence as a reason to do the same. But, hijack of IC 814, his own book imprisonment to freedom reveal his terror links and actions.

Beyond the issue, global consensus on terrorism itself is weakening. The Major reasons for the same are

  1. Talks with taliban – to facilitate talks with taliban, names of its leaders are been excluded from 1267 committee.
  2. Russia – USA rivalry –already discussed.
  3. Economic interests – Russia, china and Pakistan trilateral meeting on Taliban and Taliban declaration that they will not attack infrastructure is an indication of this.
  4. Russia’s new found closeness with Pakistan – it has made voice of India weak on counter terrorism.

Impact on India

Global consensus on terrorism has helped India to fight against the Pakistan and keep it defensive. Weakening of the same will create fault lines on india’s flight against terror.


Question of the day

  1. Analyse the reasons for weakening of global fight against terror? What are the Indian concerns for the same?


  • Sonawane Ashwin

    nice answer
    try avoiding harsh statements such as ‘ India’s effort to isolate Pakistan ‘

  • Sonawane Ashwin

    1) don’t use shortcuts like ‘n’
    2) don’t get into explaining why there is rivalry between Russia and USA
    3) cyber security issue as in? explain it

  • Sonawane Ashwin

    Today, whether bilateral or multilateral agreement, the issue of terrorism has the highest priority. Still the global fight against terrorism is weak. Lack of global consensus is the main reason for the weakening of global fight against terrorism.

    Evolution of global consensus:-

    * 9/11 attack:- 9/11 attack on USA paved the way for the evolution of global consensus. 1267 committee was brought in. Any organization who is listed in this committee is considered as terrorist organization. Every kind of funding and financial transaction of such organization is blocked.

    * Support from various states:-Countries such as China and Russia supported the US’s stand of global consensus, as both the countries were also witnessing the terrorist attack

    Reasons for weakening :-

    * Rivalry between US and Russia:- Rift between US and Russia on the issue of Syria has turned a blind eye towards rising terrorism. Russia is supporting Assad and USA is supporting rebel. Between this ISIS has led its control on eastern syria.

    * No stand on issue of ISIS:- No country is interested in what is happening in other countries until it is reflected on their own soil. This has led to the weakening of global consensus

    * Busy in solving the issue for their own interest:-China is negotiating with Taliban in order to protect their infrastructure which is going to be built across various states under one belt one road initiative.

    * Negotiation with terrorist organization:- China, Russia and Afghanistan has entered into negotiation with the taliban. This has led to the removal of many terrorist leader out of 1267 list. It has also brought in new concept of good taliban and bad taliban.

    Concerns for India:-

    * Cross border terrorism:- due to lack of global consensus, India is finding hard to mobilize the global support for admitting Massood in 1267 list. This has instigated various terrorist organization due to which cross border terrorism has increased.

    * Rising militancy:- Many terrorist organization are influencing people in Jammu and Kashmir, due to which rebel groups on Indian soil has increased.

    * Lone wolf attack”- Lack of global consensus on ISIS has increased the potential of lone wolf attack

    * Radicalization of Indian youth:- As ISIS is still not under 1267 list, their transaction has remained untouched and their activities on web platform has increased. This has led to the radicalization of many Indian youths.

    * drug and human trafficking:- drug and human trafficking is all time high as this is the instrument which is used for financing terrorist organization.

    It is not only India who is suffering but the whole world is getting covered under the blanket of rising terrorism. Europe is the major victim. Thus it is essential to come up with global consensus to curb the rising terrorism.

  • m v bhavani shankar

    { instable kashmir: it is the result of failure of UN and global politics and need a better solution which till now had not met.} this issue is not justified properly
    n point w.r.t china is repeated friend. . dont mind if anything wrong from my side

  • m v bhavani shankar

    nicely articulated

  • m v bhavani shankar

    Question of the day

    Analyse the reasons for weakening of global fight against terror? What are the Indian concerns for the same?


    terrorism has also come under balance of power issue in the contemporary world politics. if we observe recent trends in the following issues weakening of global fight against terror :
    1. Russia expects that stability in Syria can come by supporting the present existing system where USA goes against this principle
    2. USA and Russia unable to come forward due to sanctions faced by Russia for occupying Crimea(Ukraine), Georgian territory. in these circumstance occupation of Aleppo from Isis by Syrian forces made USA a feeling of victory of Russia rather than Isis terrorist org. eastern part china is obstructing mason azhar(main accused in hijack of ic814) to be included in UN’s 1267 committee which was long standing proposal by ind. china felt it as countering India instead of fighting against terrorism
    4. by an agreement between Taliban and Russia,china, Pakistan, many Taliban leaders in Afghanistan were removed from 1267 committee. in return Taliban will not obstruct or damage trade n transit route through Afghanistan. withdrawal of US forces and growing talks BTW Taliban and Russia,china there is an increased feeling of dominance of Russia n china.
    due to these reasons USA n Russia with their allies unable to come forward as on or after 9/11 attacks where Russia openly supported the ‘global war on terror’ declaration of USA.
    Indian concerns:
    1. weakening the India’s long standing fight against terrorism
    2. due to increasing cyber security issues and online recruiting for terrorist org ind will also become disrupts not only economy but also young human resources
    3. supporting terror source countries by china will ultimately show negative impact on diplomatic relation btw both the countries
    consensus, mutual coordination and cooperation among nations with regard to fight against terrorism is to be restored for global peace n prosperity.

  • sushant ohdar

    Very good answer. If it can be written in more point wise then it would be awesome. Thanks

  • sushant ohdar

    Good answer.

  • Ias Ji

    please friends review my answer

    Terrorism has no boundaries and has become global menace which need a coordinated effort from every country irrespective of their own politics.
    in recent times world has seen diminishing global cooperation and effort .on the matter of fight against terror.reason can be manifold.
    >some country believe terrorism has some role in achieving their foreign ambition. ex: pakistan cross border terrorism
    >some see it differently good and bad at the same time: if happening in their own country bad otherwise good. ex china in case of Uighur and Taliban
    >geopolitical politics also play a big role: Russia support syrian government against isis and rebel group while usa support rebels similar is case with turkey.
    >different attitude with developed and developing countries: 9/11 was severely criticized and every country has extended their support, but in case of uri , even when india has provided evidence china has not shown interest
    >tension between big power usa and russia divide the effort.
    india is one of the biggest victim of terror and has its own concern.
    > terror supporting neighbor like pakistan: problem with india is neighbor can’t be changed . and without a helpful neighbor one can’t wage a war on terror.
    >china one of the permanent member of UNSC always block its proposal on terror to support pakistan
    >internal problem of communal-ism makes it prone to ISIS propaganda
    > instable kashmir: it is the result of failure of UN and global politics and need a better solution which till now had not met.
    ever growing presence of terror in every corner of globe mandate it to bring every country on the board and show a proactive effort against terror as well as inequality ,otherwise dream of a peaceful earth will always remain a dream..

  • Prashant
  • Bhavika

    Yes i agree there’s definitely a distance between them, actually I was trying to link the instability in the north east region with the problem of internal security, politics,FRs, wastage of resources, slow economic growth & development.

  • itachi

    Terrorism in this global age seems to be the common concern for all the states, regarded as asymmetrical non – state actor. Instead of the states to come together to solve the issue they have more divergence interest of their own, even the international forum like UN,etc. are hardly successful.
    Ongoing civil war in Syria, where US leading NATO and Russia are on different sides fighting, keeping own interest above the ISIS. Both have conflicting interest economically or political.
    Concept of Good & Bad Taliban, which is on the basis of the state interest, supporting the terrorist that are to benefit them. Recent case China action to block banning of Azhar at the UN, for the safe guard of their economic interest “CPEC” invested in PAK.
    India has always been zero tolerance against all terrorist, for India there is no good & bad terrorist.
    Recent talk among China, Pak & Russia on the issue of Taliban in Afghanistan is major concern, as naturally India has always been a victim & have been working to bring stability in the region.
    Still China’s reluctant to accept PAK. as terrorist state and silence of Russia on this matter in BRICK & Heart of Asia is a major blow, as India is working hard either to put banned of Masood Azar or declaring PAK. a terrorism state sponsor.

    India, with coming of Trump as new US president should able to co-operate to work together and also strengthen it’s soft power to persuade other neutral countries, also strengthen our bilateral relationship with Russia to fight as one against terror, as terrorism knows no border. Also if possible to bring Israel on the same table.

  • itachi

    there is no terrorist in NORTH EAST…. its insurgent not terrorist , there’s a diff. between them

  • Bhavika

    Hey Arvind, very nicely written.
    Few suggestions :
    -In the first few lines you have mentioned about Masood Azhar and then again you have given that in examples, so I guess you can avoid mentioning it twice and save words
    -you should mention about war in middle east, involvement of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other players
    -for the first part i think presentation can be improved. Because of analysing you have focused more on examples and less about the reasons. You should analyse the issues in such a way that the examples support your argument and doesn’t take centre stage themselves.
    -lastly for india’s concern you should mention other aspects too, like it is detrimental to internal security, more policing, hence at some places citizens are not able to exercise all of their fundamental rights, leads to more expenditure by govt for maintaining law and order, leads to wastage of resource(both money and man power) hence affects the economy, and matters become worse when such issues are politicised. If you want you can support such arguments with suitable examples. You can also mention about Kashmir, north east, global definition of terrorism, good or bad terrorism

    keep writing, good luck!

  • itachi

    nice analysis..

  • Arvind Kumar

    The global consensus to fight against terrorism,which had developed in the wake of 9/11 attack, is being weakened which is evident from the recent action of China to block India’s proposal to designate JeM Chief Masood Azhar as terroristsat the UN.
    Many nations like the US,Russia and China are using terrorism to achieve their own political gains and to secure their national interests.For example- The delisting of some of the Talibani leaders from the UNSC 1267 Committee by the US to start peace talk with Taliban in Afghanistan. Similary,China’s action to block banning of Masood Azhar at the UN just to please Pakistan and to pursue its infrastructure projects like OBOR and CPEC by supporting the terrorists outfits.
    India has been the victim of cross-border terrorism from its neighbors and such breakdown on global consensus to fight terrorism is a cause of concern.The recent Russia-China nexus to support Pakistan at the BRICS and Heart of Asia Conference held last year is a testimony to India’s concern as this would ruin India’s effort to isolate Pakistan and pressurizing it to take actions against terrorists outfits from its soil.
    Similar,Russia-China-Taliban nexus is harmful for India’s interests in Afghanistan.This double-standards of nations has put India’s proposal of CCIT(Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism) in cold storage.
    Thus,there is a need to achieve global consensus to fight terrorism as terrorism has no boundary.India must involve active dialogue with nations involved to achieve its target of eliminating terrorism.

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