UPSC IAS The Hindu Current Affairs 5 January 2018

UPSC IAS The Hindu Current Affairs  05  January 2018 highlights are:

05 January 2018

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Government refuses to list triple talaq bill changes first



Tamilnadu politics and political culture has a unique place in Indian politics. It is visible in anti Hindi movement, demands for strong federalism, semi autocratic patronage politics, developmental and welfare programs etc.

It is the state that overthrew the congress party from power in 1967 and never gave an opportunity for. A national party to take up power in the state.

Dravida movement has its strong roots in Justice party in pre independant days that is anti brahminical and pro poor empowerment. It is strongly driven by ideology. But slowly clan/ lineage politics entered in Dravida parties.

Caste and class synergy is clearly visible in Tamilnadu. Credit can be given to constant work of political parties. Middle castes entry in to political seats of power has first happened in TN.

Tamil Cinema, persona centred politics, centralised decision making are the characteristics of party system today. Political culture is strongly intermingled with welfarism centred around patronage.


Dravida parties are suffering from a leadership crisis. It has created a political vacuum and space for new entrants like kamal Hasan and Rajnikanth. Among these, Rajnikanth spoke of spiritual politics with out elaboration. The bigger question is – are these politics are meant a revival of right wing in Tamil nadu?


Civil wrong, criminal act – already discussed


On a high

2017 saw bull market and broad based participation in stock exchanges across the world. Economic growth in USA, Europe and Emerging markets, better corporate earnings, tax reforms initiated in USA are cited as the reason. Along with this, other reason can be excess fund flow from accommodative monetary policy in USA.

Inflationary tendencies in USA, strengthening of USA dollar may force fed to give up accommodative monetary policy. It can lead to flight of the capital away from emerging economies. It may end the bull market.


State of conflict

A conflict between Maratha pride and Dalit identity appears to be fermenting. Recent agitations by Maratha groups on Amendments to SC,ST (prevention of atrocities)act, Bhima – Koregaon issues are an indication of this. It need to be thoroughly enquired in to.


Should MPs and MLA’s be barred from practicing law?

MP and MLAs are public servants and they practicing law can be a conflict of interest. MPs participate in the removal proceedings of a Judge and in such a scenario, an undue influence exists on the Judge. They receive benefits from Government as public servants and failure to devolve full time to it or to legal practice can be professional misconduct.


On the other side

Lawyers in legislature add to the diversity of debate in legislative houses.

Legislators receive emoluments not salaries.



January 5, 2018
  • Madhur Jain


  • Indra dhanush

    Division on the basis of economical fitness we term it as class, division on the basis of social fabric, customs is known as cast.
    In recent days we have noticed conflicts arising out of class depreciation within the castes.
    Ex patidar agitation in Gujrat.
    Inclusive growth can be helpful in bringing synergy between class and caste.

  • Madhur Jain

    Can someone please explain what does synergy between caste and class mean?

  • Madhur Jain


  • Sagan S
    find it here

  • Madhur Jain

    I request, to please let me know how to apply for la excellence’s prelims test series. I am not able to find any link giving option to apply for it.

  • Shakti Rathaur

    thnks respected sir

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