UPSC IAS The Hindu Current Affairs 8 January 2018

UPSC IAS The Hindu Current Affairs  08  January 2018 highlights are:

08 January 2018

Prelims Test Series Starts from 7th January 2018 (25 Tests – Fees: 2000/-)

Mains Test Series Starts from 3rd January 2018   (20 Tests – Fees: 4000/-)

Public Administration Optional Online Course Starts from 8th January 2018   (Fees:25000/-)




Arihant : Top gun for second strike

It is part of nuclear triad. It is superior to land based and air launched assets. INS Arihant is India’s  only operational ship submersible ballistic nuclear asset (SSBN) is most dependable platform for a second strike. It is important given India’s no first use policy. After Arihant, second ballistic missile submarine Arighat is launched.


Willing to talk to kim, says Trump

US president Donald trump says that he is willing to talk to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to resolve ongoing crisis.


Jaitley bats for electoral bond scheme

Finance minister states that electoral bonds can bring in necessary transparency in party funding. It also keeps donors identity secret to check any harassment by other political parties.



Yet another tectonic shift?

Rajni Kanth’s entry in to politics in can be another tectonically shift in Tamil Nadu. If we consider overthrow of congress in 1967, entry MGR and Jayalalitha in to politics as important defining moments of Tamil politics, it is another such moment.


Standing up for Human rights

India must hasten to bring in Anti torture law

India is a signatory to the convention against torture in 1997 and it still did not take any action to convert it in to a domestic legislation. Supreme Court of India also has clearly stated that Human dignity is an intrinsic value, constitutionally protected in itself. It is also an end objective of the Indian state.


Evidence of Fragility

Indian economy is showing following signs of fragility

Decrease in agricultural production

Slipping of fiscal discipline

Rise in crude prices

Sharp slowdown of Industrial production

Decrease in private final consumption expenditure

GST collections are underwhelming


Re examine the bill – Triple Talaq issue – already discussed. See for comprehensive notes.


The problem of land hoarding

Union and state governments in India hoard high surplus land unutilised. There is no proper account and detail of the land is maintained. Floor space index – a factor that determines land usage is poor in urban India for the reason that Government  fails to use land effectively. so, as like in Britain, Government has to provide details of ownership, location, and intended use of all properties. Citizens can be invited to contest official land use and suggest alternatives.


A sum of contributions

A new approach of collaboration is growing in fight against climate change. Many of the provincial and state level initiatives are being taken up. Under2coalition, A MoU by sub national Governments is to reduce GHG emissions to net Zero by 2050.




January 8, 2018
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