UPSC IAS The Hindu and Indian Express Current Affairs 10 January 2017

UPSC IAS The Hindu and Indian Express Current Affairs 10 Jan 2017 highlights are:

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The world at a cross roads

  1. What are the challenges the world may face in 2017?
  2. How the political and economic environment in Europe and USA is expected to change in 2017?
  3. How relations between the countries in South Asia will be in future?


Oiling cashless wheels

  1. In your opinion, what Steps Government shall take to promote digital economy.
  2. Do we need a payments regulator for India?

A blow to reformists in Iran

  1. Who is Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani? What was his role in Iranian politics?
  2. How his death will impact the voice of moderates in Iran?

Respite,  not  reconciliation

  1. What are the major changes in geo politics that have led to ceasefire in Syria?
  2. What are the challenges that are still remaining in successful continuation of ceasefire?

Arights  bill  gone  wrong

  1. What is the Judgement of SC in NALSA vs Union of India?
  2. What are the major shortcomings of the Transgenders persons bill, 2016?

UAE’s Crown Prince to get a royal welcome

  1. What is the significance of India – UAE strategic dialogue?

SC backs Madras HC orderquashing T.N. appointments

  1. How state public service commission members are appointed?


The world at a cross roads

21st Century has shifted the economic power away from the west and asia has become the new engine for economic growth. It made china and India economic power houses of the world. China is  investing to interconnect itself with global markets. Added to this, new potential markets are being developed across Asia as buying power of citizens is increasing.

On the other side of the world, Europe is suffering from economic crisis ad uncertainties of Brexit. Migrant crisis, loss of trust on the institutions, terror attacks  have worsened the situation.

Between USA-Russia, cold war logic is still prevailing and their ties are all time low. A strategic congruence is growing between Russia and china aimed at countering US moves in Asia. Trump presidency in USA is expected to improve relations between USA and Russia. Mr. Trump’s idea of a ‘Coalition ofthe Willing’ to fight the Islamic State in WestAsia may get acceptance in Russia.

World has become an unsafe place to live and terror attacks made it so. Lone wolf attacks are expected to grow.

In south Asia, realignment is clearly visible. India has to face an assertive Pakistan that is supported by China and outreached to  Russia. In Afghanistan, flexible ties with Taliban for China and Russia can be a strategic limitation for India.


Oiling cashless wheels

Shift to a digital economy shall have a direct incentive for the people. Merchant discount rates that costs the vendor can discourage him to accept card as a mode of payment. Security environment for digital transactions need to be improved. A payment regulator need to be appointed to look after the interests of customers in digital economy.


Ablow to reformists in Iran

he death of Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsan-jani, the former President of the IslamicRepublic of Iran and powerful cleric whowas widely considered a leading “moderate” in Iran’s polity, is a major blow to the reformistsin the country.



Transgender bill 2016 introduced in the parliament has following limitations.

  1. No rights and reservations are been promised to the transgenders.
  2. It failed to differentiate between interstate and transgender
  3. No amendment of other operating laws related to marriage, property rights for transgenders is undertaken.
  4. The bill is silent on the issue of section 377 of IPC that criminalizes unnatural sex from same sex individuals.

So, it is criticised as an insincere attempt towards protecting rights of transgenders.


Respite,  not  reconciliation

Peace talks on Syria are to begin between Russia, Iran, Turkey, sections of Syrian opposition, Syrian Government and UN.

If analyzed, Turkeys blockade of supplies to rebels has made a difference to the entire process. Growing terror attacks in Turkey, autonomy movement of Kurds made the Turkey to change its stance. It lead to the weakening of rebels and facilitate  peace process.



UAE’s Crown Prince to get a royal welcome

UAE crown prince Mohd bin Zaheer Al Nathan is going to be the chief guest for republic day celebrations 2017. It shows the strengthening relations between india and UAE. India is looking for

  1. Investments from sovereign funds of UAE
  2. To curtail investment destinations and financial flows for Pak based terror organisations.

Question of the day

  1. Discuss your opinions on transgender rights in india with relevant laws and court judgements.




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