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Target IAS,(An Anthropology  associate of La excellence IAS) Institute for IAS Exams is synonymous with the best Anthropology coaching in India. Students from all over India took coaching here. Anthropology has delivered the best success till date and in Anthropology selections Greater than 80% belongs to the students of Sosin Madam. That shows commitment and quality of teaching here. Till date, madam produced more than 200 successful officers serving the nation. It has been producing best results in Anthropology in Civil Services with its course aptly covering UPSC Anthropology Syllabus. The Anthropology UPSC notes  provided here is the most comprehensive and syllabus is covered in time and classes are scheduled as per the convenience of the students.

 The institute has been offering Anthropology courses in Hyderabad for the past 8 years. Along with this, to increase access to students, postal coaching is also initiated. In this, Anthropology Study material will be provided to all the postal students through a structured schedule.

Anthropology Test series by Sosin madam

Sosin madam is synonymous with Anthropology and her test series is known across the country as producing best results. Many times concepts and questions covered are directly replicated in the mains exam of UPSC.


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Courses offered

S. No Course Sarting From Duration  Fee
1 ANTHRO - REGULAR CLASS Feb 15th 2015 14 Weeks 25,500 + Tax
2 ANTHRO - TEST SERIES Feb 22nd 2015 12 Tests 8,000 + Tax
3 ANTHRO - POSTAL COURSE     9,000 + Tax

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