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India and Paris conference

  • India is majorly dependent on fossil fuels on its energy needs as on today and likes to transform itself in to clean energy destination. It’s aim is to produce 175 GW of renewable energy by 2022 among which 100Gw shall be from solar energy.
  • INDC announced by India need funds to the tune of $2.5 trillion and by contrast financial flows in various forms are only $2.2bn.
  • Added to this, India is not in a position to declare its peaking date due to the developmental complexities involved.
  • India also shall join the global movement to persuade investors to disinvest from fossil rich fuels and taxation of fossil fuels - ex Guardian news paper


Paris conference

  • Most vulnerable Island states and least developed countries expecting rising targets for emission cuts to keep the global temperature rise below 1.5degreesc and liberal funding from rich nations.  India, china and Saudi led Arab group are opposed to such a move.
  • Monitoring and verification of performance that starts from 2025 and its outlines need to be finalized.
  • USA is not ready to accept its historical responsibility on emission of GHG and the liability & compensation for loss and damage.
  • US also says that - All parties to UNFCCC who were in a position to do so should provide assistance to developing countries in the area of finance.
  • Decarbanisation - Developing countries fear that use of such a word can become a tool for imposition of non-tariff barriers at a later date.


Laws that are governing the National flag are

  1. Fundamental duties
  2. Prevention of insults to National honor act - 1971
  3. Emblems and Names (prevention of improper use) act


Karnataka high court - NR Narayana Murthy vs Kannada Rakshana Vakeelara - Describes National anthem and constitution of India as symbols of sovereignty and the integrity of the nation.

Supreme Court of India - Bijoe emmanuel vs state of Kerala held that rights of free speech and freedom to practice a religion stand over the obligations to stand and sing national anthem. -

To compel each and every pupil to join in the singing of the National Anthem despite his genuine, conscientious religious objection. . . would clearly contravene the rights guaranteed by Art. 19(1)(a) and Art. 25(1) [of the Constitution of India].”


From <>


In Naveen Jindal case, Supreme Court held the citizens fundamental right to fly the flag freely with respect and dignity.


Gates on wind and solar energy

  • Energy needs of the people are continuous and they shall be reliable. The major challenge of wind and solar energy is their intermittency nature. It makes the storage devices for energy a necessity and increases the cost of energy.
  • He stresses on technological innovation is only the way out to fight climate change and to answer the tradeoff between clean energy and development.
  • A multibillion dollar break through energy coalition was launched


Break through energy coalition

The coalition is based on the principle that technology will solve our global energy issues. The coalition will be a public-private partnership between governments, research institutions and investors.

Twenty countries, including the U.S., India and China, have committed to double their respective clean energy research investment in the next five years.

 Many of the investors in Breakthrough Energy Coalition have financially backed or expressed interest in next-generation nuclear energy.


From <>


Next generation nuclear energy


Please read the following article


Degradation of Indian soils

  • One third of Indian soil was degraded and it may cause threat to the food security of the nation.
  • The Major reasons include Natural causes such as wind or rain and accentuated by Human activity like deforestation and urbanization.
  • Excessive use of chemical fertilizers, imbalanced nutrient application, and intensive cropping system are the major reasons for decline in soil bio diversity and depletion of organic matter in the soil.

Xi Jingping visit to china - Forum on China - Africa cooperation

  • China is investing in Africa to use its over capacities created. The major sectors of focus are steel, construction, cement and glass.$60bn is promised for the purpose. Chinese manufacturing sector is facing a tough time with slowdown in local real estate, infrastructure and decrease in global demand. Chinese companies are finding new oppourtunities in North south corridor, that stretches from Durban in South Africa to Dar es salaam in Tanzania.
  • Investments are also in line to take forward one belt one road initiative.
  • In the bigger picture, Chinese want to harmonize Africa’s agenda 2063 - A 50 year developmental framework drawn by the African Union.






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