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08 Dec 2015 08-12-2015

Gun fire in San Bernardino in California raises the following questions

  1. Free Gun culture in the USA
  2. Growing self-radicalized homegrown terrorism
  3. Misuse of social media by terror outfits
  4. Efficacy of university education to de radicalize the people.


India and Paris conference

  • Though India is the 3rd largest emitter of GHG, it’s percapita emissions are still lowest in the world. India burns only 7th of the coal of the largest two emitters. i.e, China and USA.
  • India because of its developmental complexities did not give a peaking date for coal use. The global community is expecting India to provide a peaking date. However, India proposed a seven fold rise in renewable power capacity.
  • Verification and monitoring - India argues that voluntary pledges submitted are for 10 years cycle starting from 2020. But, developed nations are calling for a regular five year cycles.
  • Carbon space - 2/3 of available 3 giga tonne space available in atmosphere is still enjoyed by the developed countries. India wants it to be distributed on the basis of Equity to all the developing countries.


Urbanisation and increased vulnerability to the disaster

In India, Urbanisation is occurring at a too rapid pace for the Institutions to adopt the change. It is leading to the failing of governance structures and unplanned urban growth. New Urban migrants occupy the fringes and are highly vulnerable to these disasters.


If safe cities index clearly reflects this and among the assessed 50 cities, Delhi and Mumbai stand at 42nd and 44th positions.


Pollution in Delhi

  • Recent steps taken by the Delhi Government to control pollution in Delhi
  1. Vacuum cleaning of dust
  2. Close down of Badarpur and Rajghat thermal power stations
  3. Entry of Heavy vehicles is restricted only to the late hours
  4. Implementation of Euro IV emission norms are preponed.
  5. Odd and even day rationing of private vehicles on the roads
  • Various steps taken in other countries
  1. Common pool lanes
  2. Congestion charges in London
  3. Higher car taxes in Singapore
  4. Odd and even rationing in Beijing, Bogota, Colombia etc.

However, any restrictions imposed on private vehicles need to be supported with development of new public transport alternatives. For instance in Delhi, odd and even numbering will bring in 45 lakh new commuters on to the public transport. So, it needs a huge public transport Innovation.




  • The major contentious issue in maintaining the serviceability of the defence equipment imported from USSR is the availability of spare parts.
  • India and Russia are agreeing on JV to produce the spares for Sukhoi-30 and make them readily available to air force. Here the objective is to improve the serviceability to 75%.

Growth of right wing France

  1. The national front headed by Marine Le pens made record gains and leading 6 of frances 13 regions.
  2. The major reasons for the growth of Right wing include - issue of Migrants, economic stagnation, Growing incidents of terrorism.


 question for the day

The solution to the challenge of urban pollution exists in viable public transport system. Discuss


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