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My Notes - 11DEC2015 11-12-2015

-China in Afghanistan Pakistan peace process

  • China has positioned itself as a credible bridge builder between Kabul and Islamabad to advance the Afghan peace process.
  • China is strongly backing the reconciliation process between the Government and Taliban.


  • Afghanistan’s active participation in Belt and road initiative is very important for china for establishing a new Silk Road world order. Afghanistan also wants to be the member of china led Asian infrastructure investment bank.
  • Continuation of political fragility in Afghanistan can give impetus to terrorism in Xinjiang province and its peripheral areas.
  • The strategic Gwadar to Kashgar economic corridor will provide access to Indian ocean to china
  • The china Pakistan economic corridor can provide an alternate energy transit route to the Malacca strait that is dominated by the United States.

What china is doing?

  • China announced Afghanistan $237mn of aid over three years over the $73mn awarded for residential complexes in Afghanistan.
  • SCO, an Eurasia centred political architecture has Afghanistan as an observer and is now seeking a full membership.
 D1q4 Afghanistan





Delivering digital India promise

  • Digital India can serve as a Centre piece of India - USA trade relations to achieve the intended target of $500bn trade.
  • It can also facilitate the inclusive growth and all the flagship programs either smart cities, smart grid, make in India, financial inclusion are all centered around the success of digital India. It can boost the India’s GDP to $1tn by 2025.

But, to achieve this India has to increase its connectivity internally and externally.

  1. The IT infrastructure need to be developed throughout the country to achieve last mile connectivity. It increase the access to information and services to many rural areas.
  2. The e commerce models shall enable the market connectivity to small and medium enterprises.
  3. Access to hardware need to be improved by removing the regulatory bottlenecks. However, the standards can be ensured by India recognizing the quality standard certificate issued by the renowned labs across the world.


code O6q3 – GS paper 2



India Pakistan talks

  • In pakistan, Military is always a dominant institution in defining the relations of the country with India. After successful implementation of National action plan policy to eliminate the terrorist elements in North Waziristan and renewing the relationships with Russia, General Rahil shariff emerged as a all-powerful leader in Pakistan.
  • It is reflected in the appointment of Gen Nasir Khan Janjua as NSA who is close to General shariff.
  • Added to this, whenever, India and Pakistan resumes the dialogue, Non state actors tries to disrupt the dialogue through acts of violence.
  • In this context, new round of resumption of dialogue shall internalise that the fact that, only the dialogue is the sustained path towards peace.

 D1q1 – GS paper 2



India struggling to cut Malnutrition rates

  • The Global nutrition report and India health report say that India is the country with largest stunted population and malnutrition is still the major burden on India.
  • The problem Undernutrition exists along with the problem of over nutrition and communicable diseases. It is going to pose new challenges to the policy making.
  • The Indicators related to women are well connected to the achievement of nutritional goals.


O4q1 –GS paper 2


To defeat or to contain the Islamic state

  • Islamic state had significant losses in its thrust to expansion and they lost some of the captured cities in both Iraq and Syria. This is majorly achieved through resistance put forward by the Kurdish resistance at Syria - turkey border and Peshmerga’s in Iraq near Erbil - capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. However, none of these forces have an intention to extend the fight in to the core territory of i.e., Raqqa in Syria and Mosul in Iraq. So, the head of caliphate is undisturbed.
  • National priorities and Geopolitics in the Middle East are dominating the fight against IS. Saudi Arabia thinks existence of IS has strongly weakened Shia Iran and Turkey bombed the Kurdish fighters on its boundaries and shot down the fighter jet of Russia fighting the IS. There are also allegations that Turkey is actively helping IS to provide market to the crude produced from IS dominated areas and it is their major source of revenue. All these are making the caliphate to flourish.
  • Islamic State is very much different from earlier threats such as al Qaeda and is building a proto state structure in its dominant regions. It will pose a serious challenge to the stability of world order.

U2 – Terrorism – GS paper 3


Haryana panchayat law

  • Supreme court of India upheld the Haryana panchayat law.
  • The Important provisions of this act are - Any candidate contesting elections shall have
  1. Educational qualifications - An open category candidate shall have matriculation, S C men 8th class and S C women 5th class.
  2. A toilet in the house
  3. No default in the payment of electricity bills, or payment of loans with cooperatives.
  • Supreme Court said that, Educational qualifications will help for better governance. Having and using the toilet will set an example.
  • On financial front, Supreme Court held that, fighting any election in the country involves a huge expense and any defaulter to cooperatives, electricity boards shall be seen as a willful default and can be disqualified.


Panchayati Raj GS paper 2


question of the day 
Do you think educational qualifications to qualify for a candidacy in panchayat raj elections can undermine the opportunities for weaker sections. Elaborate


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