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Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi phase in post Indian history is complex and deeply problematic. She had her own success in the form of a victory in dealing with East Pakistan crisis, Nationalization laws, and Pokhran test. On the other side, Emergency, personalization and concentration of power in family, centralisation of authority, destruction of federal structure through sealed cover CMs, sycophancy dented her image.


(Post independent India - Nehru to Indira 1 - I2)


Shinzo Abe’s visit to India, civil nuclear cooperation - India - Japan

  • Japan has a strong anti-nuclear lobby in its parliament and Nation as a whole is sensitive to the nuclear issues. India being a non-signatory of NPT, extending the civil nuclear cooperation agreement to India is a challenge to Prime Minister Abe.
  • The Nullification clause that allows for automatic freezing of nuclear ties between India - Japan, if India carries any nuclear issues is the Major roadblock in the negotiations. Japan appears to be relaxed on this clause in the present talks. Added to this, Japan appears to be satisfied by the India’s voluntary moratorium on further nuclear tests, separation of Military and civil nuclear establishments and submission of civil establishments for IAEA scrutiny. This is a welcome sign. The deal is critical also for the success of India-Us civil nuclear cooperation agreement as many spare parts to GE, Westinghouse are supplied by Japanese companies.


Japan - D2q5





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