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My notes 16DEC2015 part1 16-12-2015

Human development report 2014

  • India achieved remarkable progress in raising the Gross National income and Health care deliverables. It made India to get in to middle income status with significant progress on HDI.
  •  However Inequality is making it to lag behind in developmental index. India has the lowest labour participation rate for women and they are mostly employed in informal sector without any social protection. Unpaid care work falls alone on the women in India.
  • On Education front, achievements are still not remarkable and inequality is still very high.
  • Indian health report: nutrition 2015 states the decreasing stunting in India and attributes it to the nutritional programs of India launched after 2005. Similar opinion also made by the Global hunger report. But, interstate variability is still a major challenge.

Climate change - what India has to gain?

  1. In the long run, reduction in carbon emissions will decrease its vulnerability for disasters. Every country benefits from decreased collective exposure to climate change.
  2. Paris conference on mitigation front though recommended for economy wide emission cuts for developed countries, it agreed to emission intensity argument of India. It also did not stress on declaration of peaking year for India.
  3. On financial front , transparency norms have included and India can be a gainer from this as mitigation from India needs a support from the developed world
  4. Verification mechanism once in 5 years, stock taking, and technical review process will help to keep the countries on track on climate agenda.
  5. However, India shall upgrade its systems to analyze the progress of INDC and shall revisit its energy policy that is disconnected and adhoc.


 Raid by CBI on Delhi principal secy

  • 2014 judgement of Supreme court struck down the sec6A of DSPE act, that mandates it to take permission of central Government to raid or start investigation against an officer equal and above Joint secy
  • Supreme court in vineet Narain case held that Cbi raid shall have an element of surprise to check the politics - bureaucracy and criminal nexus






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