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Anti-tobacco Laws

  • Australian Government won the case against the Phillip Morris, Manufacturer of cigarettes on the issue of Plain tobacco packaging. It mean, standardized packaging of any tobacco product without any branding.
  • In India similar packing is going to be implemented from April, 2016.

Note – cigarette smoking is the reason for growing cardiovascular diseases and cancer. India has ths second largest consumption of Tobacco.



Arunachal crisis

Governor of the state Governor JP Rajkhowa has advanced the session of Legislative assembly without making the same request to his COM. Added to that, he sent a message to the house to take up resolution for the removal of the speaker as the first item on the agenda.

When the Government locked down the legislature and speaker disqualified dissidents under anti defection law , he ordered for a parallel assembly and it revoked the disqualification and passed the no confidence motion.

In this context, constitutional role of the governor came in to question again.



Autonomy to CBI

CBI, an investigative agency of the Government of India is criticized for favoring the party in power. This is visible in the CBIs weakening of bofors, disproportionate assets cases against the politicians. Conviction rate of CBI is very low in High profile political cases.

It is described as a caged parrot and is often used by the ruling parties at the Centre for settling their political scores. In this context, Autonomy is highly suggested. Though, Supreme court gave limited autonomy to CBI in vineet Narain case, lack of its own personnel and administrative, financial control in the hand of Union Government are the major challenges.


Question of the day

Governor’s office in India need to function as an Independent constitutional office rather than to the whims and fancies of the individuals occupying it. Support your argument with relevant Supreme Court judgements.

 Note – Please post your answers on under current affairs section. It helps others to get benefitted from your answer and the relevant feedback. 


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