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Not quite congress moment

  • In a cycle of events happened after emergency, Janata Government arrested Indira Gandhi on charges of abuse of power in oct 1977. It led to outpouring of sympathy and eventual revival of congress.
  • Present national herald case on congress supremo seen by few as an opportunity for revival of the congress and compared to 1977 events. However, the situation is not quite the same.
  • Janata Government at that point of time is a coalition with internal feuds and it gave an opportunity for congress. Now, congress is all time low in its tally in Lok Sabha.  Developing a comprehensive national vision, plan in parliament, attracting the young voters is crucial. Media dynamics then and now are very different and in this new ecosystem, it shall be able to reach to the people through new methods of mobilization. It need s a rethinking and innovation.



Recent amendment laws proposed can lead to the erosion of rights in the country. Here, the state is taking a legal course as a solution to its failure to provide for a reasonable respite can have many untoward consequences.


Haryana panchayat raj (amendment) Act, 2015 – The proposed educational qualifications can deprive many of the disadvantaged sections to contest from the elections. The failure of the state to provide education to masses is depriving them of their right to representation.


Delhi and Rajasthan govts have proposed amendments to their respective RTE act and are doing away with No detention policy that is responsible for higher gross enrollment ratios in the schools. It can effectively deprive education for children.


Juvenile Justice (care and protection) bill, 2015 – It provides for judicial waiver and treats a child between 16-18 years involved with heinous crimes on par with adult.

In spite of available evidences that show the adverse consequences of such a move, Government wants to move forward with it. Already, such laws are being repealed in USA.  The growing criminal nature in young minds come from the social circumstances surrounding them. Poverty, deprivation of care are cited as the reasons. The amendment is going to further worsen the situation. In this context, the better solution is to reform the juvenile care system for rehabilitation.


Child labour (prohibition and Regulation) amendment bill eliminates all forms of child labour up to 14 years other than familial business and in hazardous industries from 14-18 years. In this context, Government has reduced the number of hazardous industries from 83 to 3.


The exception of familial business will also make the law enforcement ineffective, In India, evidence shows that poverty renders family and relatives as the perpetuators of the child labour and girl child is the worst affected.


In this context above laws are closely related to each other. Work prevents child from entering in to formal education and which deprives him his right to representation in panchayats.


Note – previous article on the same subject


The RTE has three important components. They are

  1. Admission in age appropriate class
  2. Continuous and comprehensive Evaluation - scholastic, emotional and moral development of the child has to be assessed.
  3. No detention policy - child has to be automatically promoted.


All three ideas come from what could be broadly called the progressive education movement in the West that entered India under the name of “child-centered education”. The essence of this is , the education shall be guided by child’s interests and learning through activities. The rational inquiry in to the mind of child can only occur in a free atmosphere.


To suit to this, learning has to be a continuum and shall progressively breathe the knowledge in to the mind of the child.


Knowledge shall not be seen as a finished product, organized in to grades, classes, competition and ranks. This gives rise to an authority centered education. If the above three objectives are to be achieved, we shall challenge and dismantle the authoritarian, stressful education system.


Juvenile justice

A mature society shall not overturn the principles of justice to the popular opinion. In this context, the objective of juvenile justice shall not be overridden by a single incident. Its objective has to be reformation and not retribution. If evidence is observed, the major reasons for juvenile crime lies in poverty, abuse and neglect.


So, a juvenile has to be reintegrated in to the society through a proper reintegration and rehabilitation plan. It prevents the crime further and society benefits at large.


Media Savvy police

Prime Minister Modi has asked the police to be

a)      More articulate and informative to the public using social Media. It reshapes their image as a people friendly police.

b)      Involving with social work like teaching, polio reduction campaigns and developing interactions with community elders to inculcate the spirit of community policing.

c)      Grading of police stations, internal competition need to be encouraged.

Higher police to population ratio was debunked by Prime minister saying, the society will be peaceful because of the nature of population. ( Link this to social capital)


WTO - Nairobi talks

  • India did not secure any commitments at Nairobi on special safeguards Mechanism or public stockholding to protect the food security needs of its people. It can have wider ramifications to the incomes of farmers in the country.
  • Doha development agenda was not reaffirmed and New issues related to E commerce, investment, global value chains, competition laws, labour, environment that are of interest to developed countries are about to be introduced.


Question of the day


Do you think, the amendments proposed to Juvenile Justice, Child Labour, Right to Education will negatively affect the existing child Rights framework in the country?







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