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Cess money

Cess can be described as a tax on tax and Centre shall use the money only for the intended purposes and any diversion of the funds is considered as a misuse.

It is ironical that, more than one lakh crore rupees of the funds collected for various purposes like higher education, primary education, clean energy is lying unutilized.


Human liver in lab

3D Bio printed mini livers are developed by an Indian startup Pandorum. It can be used to conduct drug studies, where for the same purpose animal and human trials were used. It can decrease the cost of drug trials.

In future If technology matures, they can be used for surgical transplantation.

Indian Pakistan Geo politics

USA strategy for south Asia is majorly centered on Afghanistan, securing Pakistan nuclear arsenal and stabilizing the Pakistan by integrating it with regional economy. It also sees Terrorism as a mutual concern of both India and Pakistan and Dialogue is the only way out. USA considers disengaging Pakistan is not in its national interest.

In this context, Indian approach of isolating Pakistan internationally and working on vulnerabilities of Pakistan may not work.

So, this might be a reason that pushed the Government for an engagement with Pakistan.

Juvenile Justice Act

The Juvenile justice amendment bill is passed by the parliament amidst of the high rhetoric, emotions.

Any law shall be able to assess the future, understand the problem and shall instill right checks and balances against its misuse. In this context, the above exercise appears missing in the passage of Juvenile law.

In India, Juvenile delinquency constitutes less than 2% and most of them are non-criminal in nature. Many of these children are victims of abuse, child labour or harsh conditions of poverty.

Harsh laws can decrease the crime is also a misconception. It can best fix the emotions of the people for a moment. The long term consequences from the extraordinary powers and discretion given to the executive can lead to many untoward consequences. It is proven with POTA, TADA and many other laws as such. Criminal laws made to benefit a particular section end up being misused against them. Extreme Justice is often injustice.

As per the amendment, any child between 16-18 years involved with an heinous crime can be treatedas adult and punished as adult. In this context heinous crime is defined as any crime that involves an imprisonment greater than seven years. The definition of heinous crime is very broad and makes juveniles susceptible.

For ex, In case of teenage elopement, parents often resort to complaints of kidnap and rape on the boy and it can make him vulnerable to punishment under the present law.

Offset guidelines for procurement

Offset guidelines are amended in defence procurement to provide for the necessary flexibility to the vendors.

Offset procurement provisions introduced in 2005 says that 30% of the total project cost ( for projects greater than 300cr)has to be reinvested in the country. It is to develop defence industrial base in the country.

The present relaxations allow for services to be considered under offset clause. Added to this, Vendors can now change their Indian offset partners.

 Make In India and Defence procurement

According to SIPRI( Stockholm peace research Institute) India is the second largest importer of the arms by their value and is only after Saudi Arabia. It shows the India’s Import dependency and lack of its own military industrial complex. Strategically, it increases India’s vulnerabilities and economically it is hurting the development and employment prospects of the people.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam way back in his report said that India shall source 70% of defence needs domestically by 2005. It still hovers around 35%. In this context, nurturing the private sector, Human resources will play a critical role. Any future deal of arms purchase shall push for technology transfer. Chinas military modernisation is on this line and it is able to become the second largest exporter of weapons.

India’s offset policy is often criticized as making India an assembly point without any technological transfer and development of Industrial base.


Question of the day

Extreme Justice is often injustice. Do you think Extreme harsh punishments will improve our score on criminal justice delivery and reduction of crime. Suggest measures to decrease Juvenile Delinquency.


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