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My notes 25DEC2015 25-12-2015

Climate Change Talks

Climate responsibility and development are not two separate entities and are well connected with each other towards the collective human interest.

At the climate change conference (COP 21) India majorly focused on

1)      Common but differential responsibilities

2)      Climate justice – Developed countries shall take up the historical responsibility for their emissions and available carbon space shall be spared for the developmental needs of the developing and underdeveloped countries.

3)      It did not agree for any peaking year and emission cuts as it is a growing economy and estimations of these are difficult to arrive.

4)      India proposed for once in 10 years monitoring and verification mechanism on INDCs, but the conference agreed for 5 years.

5)      India demanded for liberal financial transfers and west agreed for $100bn a year starting from 2020. It will be spent in a transparent mechanism.

6)      The conference agreed for an aspirational target of 1.5°c

7)      India announced for International solar alliance and an ambitious Renewable energy target of 175GW by 2022 and it includes a 100GW of solar energy.

8)      India has to strengthen solar panel manufacturing industry under Make in India initiative. It also shall strengthen its policy and state electricity grids need to be linked to the feed in channels for recording the electricity produced from rooftop panels. Building codes need to be amended to make solar panels mandatory for all new constructions.

9)      Decarbonizing the travel and decreasing the share of thermal energy in our energy mix, development of forests through community participation can reduce our carbon emission. Encouragement to the public transport and disincentivising the private transport can be a solution for rising transport congestion and vehicular emission.

Increasing the productivity of the house. (Putting the house in order)

Parliament is an institution shall allow of different viewpoints and members shall make persuasive arguments to convince others. But, the parliament functioning is today stalled by the frequent disruptions and legitimacy of the institution is coming under question.

In this context, we need to allow for a smooth functioning of the house without compromising the right to dissent of its members. The British parliament allows opposition to determine the agenda for 20 days an year. A topic of significant minority also shall be allowed where a discussion can be taken up when 20% + members have given a written request. These mechanisms with the existing mistrust between the Government and opposition to what extent they are successful is doubtful.

Indian political system is highly centralised without any internal democracy. It is giving the extraordinary power to the leadership of the party to control the behaviour of its members in the house. Political parties shall be regulated and internal democracy with transparent elections shall be promoted. Election commission can be made as a nodal agency for very purpose.



Livable cities mission

Indian smart cities mission has a strong focus on physical infrastructure and it can be widened to include socio cultural aspects of the society to provide citizen a better quality of life. Economists livable cities index can provide us a necessary direction.

Prime minister Russia visit

  • Prime minister Modi and President Putin underlined the need for the world to unite against terrorism with out distinction between terrorist groups and targeted nations.
  • The bilateral trade is targeted for $30bn from the existing $10bn in next 10 years.
  • In nuclear energy sector, Russia will establish few more power plants in AP.


question of the day 

Do you think centralisation of authority in the political parties is a reason for parliamentary weakness. Discuss and suiggest the measures to Improve parliamentary functioning. 





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