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My notes 26DEC2015 26-12-2015

India USA

India USA are discussing on three important agreements.

1)      LSA- Logistics support agreement – It gives USA access to bases in India for logistics support and vice versa.

2)      CISMOA – Communication interoperability and security memorandum of Agreement – It promotes tactical systems interoperability and allows USA to provide for communication security equipment. It needs India to give access to its Encrypted systems. India has multi country platforms and certain information cannot be shared. USA wants its sensitive technologies to be protected under CISMOA.  For instance, C-130 Hercules, C-17 globe master are supplied without certain critical sensors on them.

3)      BECA – Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement for geo spatial cooperation – It involves sharing of terrain mapping data. It can be used to identify the sensitive targets for cruise missiles.

USA refer to them as foundational agreements for defence cooperation and to take forward DTTI- Defence technology and trade initiative. They are required by USA law to supply sensitive equipment and most advanced electronics on US weapon platforms. If not, India may get defence supplies from USA without cutting edge electronics on them.


Indian Textiles

They are the second largest employer after agriculture and accounts for 14% of Exports.

Recently Environmental ministry issued guidelines under Environment protection act, 1986 for Zero effluent discharge and restrictions on use of ground water for textile units using water greater than 25Kilo liters a day. They can increase the capital Expenditure and can make our textile exports noncompetitive.

Susanne Rudolph

Susanne Rudolph along with her husband Lloyd Rudolph initiated the phase of study of post-colonial state, democratic processes, Gandhi and Gandhian political thought, religious nationalism, dialogue between tradition and modernity in South Asia. Her book The Modernity of Tradition: political development in India is seminal work.

West Asia

USA and West Asia

USA intervention in Iraq has initiated a chain of reactions and Arab spring has accentuated an uncertainty in the region. Obama Government is reluctant to direct military intervention with the affairs of Middle East. It also took steps to shift focus to Asia from Middle East. It can realign the traditional allies and can bring in new forces in to the region. The decreased dependency on oil, rising china can be cited as the reasons.


West Asia has strong sectarian divisions with Iran and Saudi Arabia representing the two factions. So, war in Yemen or Syria is considered as a proxy war between the two. Saudi attacked Houthi rebels in Yemen and is supporting rebels in Syria. On the other hand, Iran is supporting the Houthi rebels and Assad regime.

In this context, Iran nuclear agreement, USA reluctance to militarily intervene in Syria, failure to protect the long term ally Hosni Mubarak in Egypt are cited as reasons for displeasure of the kingdom with President Obama.

Issue of Kurds and relations of USA with Turkey

Iraqi Kurds are having congenial friendship with USA and Syrian Kurds(People protection Units) are active in fight against Islamic State. But, Kurdish workers Party of Turkey is declared as an outfit organization by both Turkey and USA.

USA providing air support for People protection units fight against Islamic State is a paint to Turkey. It fears that Kurdish nationalism can strengthen in the long run.

Russia and West Asia

Russia wants to protect the state structure of Syria and wants to build it geo political presence in West Asia on twin pillars of Iran and Syria. It want to fill the vacuum created by the realignment of USA policy.


Prime Minister Modi surprise visit to Pakistan

It sent a strong message across the world on Indian inclinations to involve with negotiations and take forward the peace process.

In Afghanistan, Prime minister stated clearly the presence of India on the land is to cooperate and not to compete.

Question of the day

Discuss the challenges before India to sign LSA, CISMOA, and BECA. To what extent do you think India India’s military modernisation depends on these agreements?








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