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Weekend consolidation and Test - 21DEC2015 to 27DEC2015 27-12-2015

Weekend consolidation 21DEC2015 to 27DEC2015

1)      Juvenile justice amendment bill

2)      Prime minister visit to Russia, Afghanistan and Lahore

3)      India – USA foundational agreements for DTTI – Defence technology and trade initiative

4)      Syria – UNSC resolution

5)      Cess – underutilization of funds

6)      Amendments to defence offset policy

7)      Relevance of RS

8)      Police reforms and Kutch conference

9)      Current account and export situation

10)   WTO – Nairobi summit – post mortem



Weekend test – Mains

1)      UNSC resolution though good intentioned, it is tangled between the power politics of the great powers and west Asia. Discuss the developments in 2015 that have direct relevance to the future of Syria.

2)      Recent amendments to the defence offset policy are not in line with Make in India policy. Highlight the important features of recent amendments and critically analyze them.

3)      Rajya Sabha relevance is not in supporting the Lok Sabha but in giving it the necessary wisdom. Comment

4)      Communication, community orientation, capacity building shall be the three pillars of policing in India. Elaborate

5)      Decarbonisation of the vehicular pollution and solar energy are the two prominent areas India shall tap on to deliver its promises made at Paris conference.

Prelims questions

1)      Which of the following statements are true in the context of Cess imposed by central Government?

1)      State Governments are not spending the money as per the guidelines issued by the Centre

2)      Money collected under cess shall be spent only in the states where it is collected


A)     1 only B) 2Only C) Both 1and 2 D) Neither 1 Nor 2


2)      Juvenile Justice amendment bill has many positive provisions towards child care and development.

They are in line with the following.

1)      Fundamental rights

2)      DPSP

3)      Fundamental duties



c)1 only



3)      Which of the following are the part of State list under schedule VII of the constitution

1)      Criminal law

2)      Criminal procedure code

3)      Public order

4)      Police

A)     1,2,3

B)     2,3,4

C)     1,3,4

D)     3,4


4)      Which of the following provisions of the constitution of India are in line with child welfare and development.

1)      Art 39

2)      Art 24

3)      Art 21A

4)      Art 45

A)     1,2,3 B) 2,3,4 C) 1,3,4  D) 1,2,3,4


5)      Which of the following is not a reason for falling exports of India in this financial years.

a)      Loss in competitiveness of Indian goods

b)      Devaluation of Chinese Yuan

c)      Loss of value for OPL and Gems in the international market

d)      Rise in interest rates by Fed


6)      Which of the following  at WTO conference discussions are in line with India’s interests.

1)      E commerce

2)      SSM

3)      Special and differential treatment

4)      Concessions to India’s Public stockholding

A) 1,2,3 B) 2,3,4 C) 1,3,4  D) 1,2,3,4

7)      Which of the following do not hold the relevance of Rajya Sabha for Indian federal polity.

a)      Permanent nature

b)      Indirect election

c)      Article 312

d)      Equal representation to all the states

8)      Identify the restraints on the freedom of speech of an MP on the floor of the house.

1)      Anti defection law

2)      Whip of a political party

3)      Disqualification under article 102 of the constitution

A)     1,2 B) 2,3 C) 1,3 D) 1,2,3,


9)      As per the defence offset policy, how much % of the actual cost of the procurement need to be manufactured or serviced from India

A)     30%

B)     40%

C)     50%

D)     35%

10)   Which of the following agreement are concluded between India and USA?

1)      CISMOA

2)      EUMA

3)      LSA

4)      BCEA

A) 1,2,3 B) 2,3,4 C) 1,3,4  D) 2 only



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