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The expo9rts are expected to contract by 16% compared to previous financial year and is the second worst drop since the independence. The reasons include

1)      Fall in international commodity prices

2)      Currency volatility and competitive devaluation of  currency by the countries by China

3)      decreasing competitiveness of Indian exports

4)      Weak global demand


1)      It can worst hit the employment generating export oriented units

2)      It can decrease the prospects of our economic growth. An expected 1% economic growth can be lost due to loss in exports.

3)      The recovery of lost market is very difficult.

What are we doing?

1)      State specific foreign trade policies

2)      Infrastructure enhancements in the states – ASIDE

3)      Interest subvention on export credit

4)      Inverted tax structure is being rectified

5)      SEZ exports are allowed in to domestic tariff area at duties equivalent to the countries with FTA.


Security and privacy dilemma – E governance notes

It aims to create an integrated network tool to give access to the real time information to the security agencies. The big data developed will be accessible to security agencies on a case to case basis and only for investigation in to the cases of terrorism.

The challenges of privacy and misuse still loom large. The snowden files show that how the surveillance capabilities can fall in to misuse. Indian security establishment has much a little concern to the issues of privacy and in that context need to safeguard the information becomes much a priority.

Swiss challenge Route – PPP

Step 1 – A private player ideates a project and an unsolicited project proposal will be put forward by him.

Step 2 - If Government is convinced, it will give a go ahead to the project

Step 3 – The Idea is put in open for challenges from others and competitive designs and bids from others.

Step 4 – Right to refusal is given to the original player who has given the idea.

Step 5 – Project allocation and implementation


  • It increases the private players to come up with innovative ideas and hitherto untapped infrastructure potential.
  • The governmental red tape drastically comes down.
  • Mobilization of private resources


  • Creating a transparency framework is very difficult . So, complaints of crony capitalism and corruption can increase.
  • Information asymmetry can bring in a failure to take forward the project.

Startup blue print

Governments start up policy is aimed at improving the conditions for starting, financing and closing a startup venture besides clearing all regulatory challenges.

It is planning to create a new category of innovative startups and it is going to encourage the domestic venture capital funds to mentor and refine the business ideas. Government will also take a stake of 25% of the startup through venture fund and at a later date, venture fund can buy out the Government s stake at a market price. So, a revolving fund will be created with Government to encourage the startups. Budget 2015-16 already allocated the India Aspiration Fund an amount of 2000cr for the purpose.


question of the day

what is swis challenge method for PPPs? Do you think, the existing weakness in our PPP implementation canbe rectified by this method. If not, suggest alternatives to improve the PPP model in the country. 




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