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My Notes- 04JAN2016 04-01-2016

India and China on Afghanistan

India and china are deeply engaging on Afghanistan political transition, regional trade blocs and counter terrorism. It can be described as a full spectrum dialogue. Latest in these is security cooperation and intelligence sharing. Growth of new network of institutions after high level visits between these countries are strongly cementing these relations.

Another important feature of these relations in decentralization of policy. Many of the states in India are engaging directly with Chinese provinces. On economic front, new normal economy of china can be synergized to the India’s make in India.


Terms to understand

The new normal of chi8na - It implies lower growth rates for the Chinese economy.

Kerala liquor case

Analysis of Supreme court judgement – Kerala bar hotels association vs state of Kerala

Kerala Government introduced a new liquor policy prohibiting the open consumption of liquor in open and restricting the bar licenses only to the five star hotels. It is challenged in the Supreme court as violative of Right to equality under art14 and Right to freedom of vocation, trade and business under Art 19(1)(g).
Supreme Court already clarified in its previous judgements( Khoday distilleries vs state of Kerala) that reasonable restrictions can be imposed on Art 19(1)(g) as liquor business is Res extra commercium( A thing outside commerce)  and  Art 47 of the constitution explicitly states for prohibition of consumption of liquor to improve public health.

Supreme Court also clarified that any law that brings in distinctions based on class, shall have an intelligent differentia and it shall have a rational relation to the objective sought by the law. The present law appears to fail on this ground. There is a clear class difference to allow people in five star hotels to consume alcohol and below that not giving access to it.


Jallikattu and animal rights

Jallikattu refers to a famous animal taming sport played on Pongal times in the state of Tamil Nadu. Supreme Court banned it citing cruelty to animals and loss of precious human life. The political parties in TN argue for revival of the sport through legislative route on the pretext of culture, tradition and pride of Tamil Nadu. 

Constitutionally,  Art 51(g) imposes a duty on the citizens for treating the animals with compassion and Art 21 prohibits any disturbance to the environment including animals, considering them as essential for human life. Animal welfare board clearly reported the cruelty met by an animal and how it is making bulls as performing animals.

On one side the world is moving towards the right to life for animals and our attempt to legitimize the heinous sport is a retrogressive step.

Terror attack on India

There is a repeated pattern of attacks on India, when India and Pakistan start a constructive engagement. The present attack is no different and is meant to derail the ongoing peace process. If talks are halted on the pre text of terrorism, it will be directly playing in to their hands and giving a veto on dialogue to these fringe elements.

The ongoing process to solve the issues such as visas, sir creek, CBMs on LOC shall continue and more complex issues can be slowly solved.

Oil resources, Terrorism, climate change

Competition for oil resources, failed states, greed of MNC is creating an instability and giving an impetus for terrorism. Growth of Boko Haram in Niger delta is an example of this. The wealth generated is also used for terror funding and Islamic State’s major resources are from trade in Syrian oil and Saudi Arabia is long accused of funding terror form its oil wealth.

The Paris conference pushes the countries away from fossil fuels and towards renewables. As worlds reliance on oil decreases for their energy needs, oil economies slow down and terrorism too is expected to follow the line.




Question of the day

Animal rights in India reflects a very sad state of affairs. In this context discuss on the provisions of animal rights in India and recommend the steps to promote their welfare and economy centered on animal husbandry.


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