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My Notes- 06JAN2016 06-01-2016

BCCI-Lodha committee

The key proposals that can reduce the credibility deficit in Indian cricket management include

1)      Legalizing betting and effectively regulating it

2)      Keeping politicians and bureaucrats out of the governing council

3)      Fixed terms . cooling off period for members

4)      To bring BCCI under the ambit of RTI

Colombo reconciliation

  • Ongoing constitutional exercise is 4th similar exercise in srilanka since its independence. Earlier constitutions built a unitary, majoritarian state that led the nation in to a ethnic fight.
  • Every time faith in constitutionalism is often accompanied by the skepticism in constitutional arrangements and processes.  It is majorly due to its failure to implement the constitutional guarantees given to minorities.
  • 1987 Indo srilanka peace accord and the 13th constitutional amendment and many other initiatives were started and abandoned very soon.

Now, the challenges before the new constitution assembly include

1)      Democratisation of its institutions – It can be better achieved if executive presidency is abolished and a parliamentary democracy is restored.

2)      Constitutional safeguards to minorities

3)      Building a federation that will satisfy the Tamil minorities, muslims, Tamils of Indian origin.

Green safeguards

The economic goals cannot be achieved by endangering the environment and society. Short term economic gains are very minimal if compared with loss incurred by long-term damages. So, international lending agencies are applying severe environmental and social safeguards to reduce the damages the projects can cause. Certain recommendations on improving these safeguards include

1)      Safeguards must be legally binding and compliance should be enforceable. Flexibilities to speed up the project can weaken the adoption of safeguards. ( exceptions shall be kept to minimum)

2)      International policy should govern safeguards, rather than national systems. ( National systems often get influenced by the domestic pressures for dilution)

3)      Implementation and oversight need strengthening

4)      Efficiency of the processes shall be improved to a great deal.

The hot Saudi - Iran cold war

Demographic Composition in west Asia





Ruling classes





Assyrian Christians

Saddam Hussein - Sunni/ presently a republic. During Baath party regime Saudi enjoyed relations. Now, Iran influence is increasing. The shia Government is in power now.








Saudi Arabia




Monarchy - Sunni






Rule by Sunnis -   Shia militia is growing. Ruler supported by Saudi. Rebels by Iran






Ruled by Sunni monarchy. Monarchy supported by Saudi





Christians - 40%

Hezbollah - a Shia terrorist organization. It supports Hamas in Palestine. Hezbollah is supported by Iran.






Ruler Assad is a alwaite Shia. Friend of Iran


Riyadh has the support of sunni monarchs and Iran has the support of Iraq, Syria and Hezbollah of Lebanon. All the countries practice institutionalised segregation of their minorities.

After the execution of sheikh nimr , a shia cleric by Saudi Arabia led to a reactionary protests and attacks on Saudi embassy in Iran. Consequent to this, Saudi severed its diplomatic relations with Iran. Kuwait, Bahrain, Sudan followed the same line making it a full blown diplomatic crisis.

Iran nuclear deal and the present crisis

Saudi Arabia, a close ally of USA is critical of Iran nuclear deal and Americas handling of Syrian crisis. In spite of its repeated requests for war on Syria, America choose diplomatic path to defuse the crisis. It also fears the nuclear deal will further strength and legitimacy to Iran and brings it in to the diplomatic high table on west Asian issues.

Impact on Syria

Pragmatically, USA believes that Iran has a strong influence in Syria and no solution can be arrived without Iran’s involvement. On the other hand, Saudi actively supports Assad opponents in Syria. In the ongoing multilateral peace process both Iran and Saudi Arabia are the members. USA urged the both not to derail the peace process.


India- Pakistan relations – Nirupama rao

India Pakistan relations are always haunted by the past filled with terrorist attacks and war. Pakistani military establishment haven’t come out of the war losses and India cannot forget the terrorist attacks on its soil. Every time diplomatic engagement is always invited with terror. So, diplomacy has more become a white flag meeting rather than a sustained effort. In this context, India shall understand deeply how a multi headed Pakistan shall be handled.

Display of strength and flexibility are the signs of a mature grown up nation. At the same time, India shall protect its vital interests. Diplomacy shall take an active role over and all the issues shall be addressed in a gradual manner. A peaceful relationship is in the interest of both the nations. It mean channels of dialogue shall be kept open and vigilant intelligence mechanism on Pakistan moves shall also be built.

Pathankot again exposed our systemic weakness in handling a crisis. National preparedness in terms of intelligence assessments, interagency coordination shall be improved. So, a war room approach with clear command and control response away from media hysteria can be a solution.

Question of the day

Sport institutions in India suffers from lack of governance. Olympic association to BCCI it is present everwhere. Do you think the recommendations by Justice Lodha can improve the situation?



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