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My Notes- 07JAN2016 07-01-2016

Nepal – way forward

Nepal logjam continues with Government offering its 3point formula and Madhesis enlarging their demands further. Meanwhile, supplies are restored to Nepal to near normal. Still, it continues to haunt India’s neighborhood first policy.

The three point formula proposed by the Government include

1)      Reorganisation of provinces will be undertaken in three months on the basis of consensus through political mechanism.

2)      Participation in state organs on the basis of proportionate inclusiveness and delineation of the electoral constituencies.

3)      Citizenship issues will be addressed through negotiations and appropriate notification.

India welcomed these steps as positive to end the impasse. In spite of this, the mistrust created continues. Nepali nationalism is more getting reflected through Anti Indianism. China card is freely flaunted by the important functionaries in the Government. In this scenario, India shall improve its engagement, improve its constituency and shall give greater political content to its engagement.

West Asias crisis

Terrorism, insurgency, sectarian crisis together will define the present day crisis in west Asia. The sectarian violence after the execution of Nimr al Nimr again led to a deep diplomatic crisis in west Asia fueling the tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

It appears to be a cautious move by the Saudi Al saud regime to consolidate its control over its own people and to gain support from other sunni regimes.

The reasons include

1)      Decreasing oil prices creating a strain on welfare projects in Saudi Arabia and no room left for populistic measures to control dissent. It is resorting to extreme majoritarianism and strengthening its hardline Wahhabi credentials to tide over social and economic difficulties.

2)      Iran – Saudi Arabia tensions – reintegration of Iran in to global economy after nuclear pact, Shia dominant regime in Iraq, Inclusion of Iran in Syria peace process, Iran growing as a compeititor in global oil market and rise of Tehran as a legitimate power are against to the interests of Saudi Arabia. It tried to derail the Iran nuclear deal and wanted to  expose the role of Iran in Yemen, Syria.

Iran Hardliners are also against to Iran nuclear deal. Execution of Mimr Al Nimr led to the attacks, hooliganism of Saudi embassy has escalated the tension in to a deep diplomatic crisis. Iran has directly played in to the hands of Saudi Arabia and its plans to rise sectarianism.

It may worse impact the ongoing Syrian peace process, fight against Islamic State , stability in Iraq.

Shyam Bengal committee

The committee will examine the rules of film certification. It has no references to recommend on appointment of members to CBFC.

CBFC is largely controlled by Ministry of I&B and most of its members are political appointees. They see film certification as equivalent to censorship and the victim is artistic expression. As like in USA, film certification in India shall be self-regulated through trade association of film industry.



India will prevent Non issues such as global value chains, digital economy, labour and climate related trade in to the WTO deliberations and negotiations. It will raise their relevance and lack of consensus among the members.

Superior standards in developed countries in these areas can induce them to impose the non-tariff barriers. Along with this, India will push for Trade facilitation agreement for services and Investments both at WTO and regional trade pacts.


The MGNREGA is a demand driven scheme and flexibility in flow of funds is necessary to meet the growing demand in the light of existing drought. Delay in release of funds is increasing the loss of sheen of the program that is the last resort for rural distress.


Public sector shall become the driver of growth engine in conditions of slow economy. Low commodity prices provides a room for the Government to increase its expenditure on the long-term infrastructure. Fiscal deficit can be overlooked for creating more jobs along with durable public assets.

The major challenge is Business as usual approach and increasing time and cost overruns of the projects. The project Monitoring group in cabinet secretariat is almost nonfunctional. Effectiveness of implementation with accountability is the need of the hour.


Question of the day

1)      Nepali crisis need a solution through inclusiveness and gain in trust of all sections. India shall act keeping its long term interests in the Himalayan nation. What do you think will be the effect of ongoing Nepal crisis on India, if it is uncontrolled? 


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