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Council for Trade development and promotion

In the spirit of cooperative and competitive federation, council for trade development promotion is created in partnership with states.

Objective is to encourage states to reform the regulatory framework to attract the better investments and increase the exports further.

Issues raised at the first meeting

1)      Infrastructure related issues

2)      Delay in refund of state levies

3)      Improving the last mile connectivity of major exporting hubs to ICDs/Ports

China economic turmoil – Indian challenge

1)      India has a spiraling trade deficit with china and it is to the tune of $48bn. Devaluation of the Yuan can lead to much cheaper imports from china and widening of deficit further.

2)      India wants to fill the trade deficit with increasing flow of Chinese investments and resultant rise in exports. But, the flow of investments are only to the tune of 1bn. China is stalling Indian imports using non-tariff barriers.

3)      It can adversely impact the Make in India program of the Prime minister.

Way out for India

Global economic scenario is not very healthy and it has to spur the domestic demand.

Global Impact

4)      Protective measures, competitive devaluation will make the entire global trade to shrunk, to the advantage of none.

5)      There are accelerating outflows of forex from Chinese economy and it will deepen the crisis further.

Chinas new normal – china is entering in to a phase of low growth and it is often described it as a new normal. In this phase, it aims shift from low cost, export led growth to sustainable domestic consumption and services.


Central Government has issued a notification to allow Jallikattu in TN, Bullock cart races in MH and overturned the 2011 notification that prohibited using these animals as performing animals. Here exception is made only to the traditional sports on cultural context and the general prohibition on using bulls, bears, panthers and other wild animals as performing animals still continues.

Save security from Establishment

India, in spite of being a victim of constant terror from non-state actors, still it do not have a comprehensive strategy to fight the same. Recent Pathankot incident exposes the lapses again from processing intelligence alerts to neutralizing of terrorists on the ground. In this context, issues of accountability, prevention of future attacks need an urgent attention. Political misuse of state organs and lack of transparency made intelligence agencies ineffective over a period of time.

India need a well thought out National security doctrine, National security strategy and an independent federal commission of accountability on security matters.

National security doctrine shall be enacted by the parliament firmly based on constitutional values and it shall prevent successive Government s to define and redefine the security architecture for their whims and fancies.

National security strategy will outlines the protocol of action, command and control structure and provides for a quick decision making and swift action in the times attacks.

Federal commisison on accountability will fix the responsibility for failures and excesses by security agencies. It shall function totally independent from the Government of the day and be answerable to the parliament.

Srilanka constitution

Terms to Know in Srilankan story

The 13th amendment was introduced to create provincial councils as a follow up action on Indo-Sri Lanka Agreement of 1987 to devolve powers to the Tamil majority north and east.

India – Srilanka peace accord – It was signed by Prime minister of India Rajiv Gandhi and President of Sri Lanka J.R Jayawardhane. The three pillars of the accord include

1)      More devolution of powers to provinces

2)      Srilankan army moving back to barracks from Northern and eastern areas

3)      Tamils rebels shall surrender their weapons.

Ongoing constitutional redrafting in Srilanka can be successful only if it can clearly reassure the rights of the minorities and can ensure their self-governance. So, a federal spirit in a unitary system is only the way out. In spite of 13th AA, non-transfer of the powers on land and police to the provinces is a major issue between Tamil groups and parties.

USA gun control Reform

An executive action is announced in USA to control the firearms in USA. It involves

1)      background checks for gun ownership

2)      increasing funding for federal agencies enforcing gun laws

3)      improvement of treatment of mental health conditions nationwide

4)      Development of Smart gun technology to prevent accidental firearm deaths.

Question of the day

China always has a mysterious progress. Its recent steps are spilling volatility in the rest of the world. In this context, what shall be the India’s strategy to face the crisis with a special focus on India- China trade relations.




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