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Hindu News analysis 23-03-2016

Return to the revolutionary road – H3q11
Indian national congress Karachi session , 1931 announced for the social and political action plan for future India. Later, it became the guiding factor for rights and DPSP under our constitution of India. Most of these resolutions are inspired by the socialistic formulations of Bhagat singh.
India need to see the relevance of these formulations in the present context, Opposition shall stand to protect the rights of working class, welfare of the old, weak and marginalized.
Uttarakhand – constitutional challenges – P16q6
Series of events
• After a group of MLAs defected from the ruling congress, speaker issued a notice of disqualification under Anti defection law.
• Defection is based on spoils of office. Defectors want ministerial berths for them.
• Governor’s office asked for vote of confidence for the Government of the day.
USA – CUBA relations – D6q5
Continuation from 22March2016
Demands of Cuba and reasons for engagement
1. Weak economy – Cuba with centralised planning and survived on flow of oil and aid from soviet Russia, Venezuela is on the verge of economic collapse.
2. Return of Guantanamo Bay
3. Removal of all trade and travel restrictions
View of USA
“It’s about Americans’ freedom and embracing engagement rather than isolation as a way of changing other governments” President Obama has clearly stated that US had been clinging to a policy that was not working.
It also demands for
1. Free and Fair elections
2. Democracy and Human rights
3. Country’s treatment of dissidents
1. Cuba says civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights are indivisible, interdependent and universal and cannot be imposed a particular version of them.
2. Removal of sanctions needs congress approval which dominated by the conservative elements.
3. Cuba communist party has no plan to end its monopoly over power.
Internet governance – O6q3
ICANN oversight is moving from the USA Government to a Multi stakeholder group. That is, this group will elect the board of directors who run the organization. It makes the ICANN an independent authority in managing its domain names related policy work.
Here the major challenge is USA executive, Judicial, legislative oversight on the ICANN and the root server will not change. So, what is required is ICANN shall be incorporated under international law, with host countries immunities for an international organization.
Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala scheme - O3
The programs major objective is to provide for LPG connections to five crore BPL families. It helps the people suffering from indoor air pollution.
Challenges in the implementation of the program include
1) Shifting the people from use of fire mass freely available to the LPG cylinders.
2) Aggregated cost of refilling can be high for the population – so, small cylinders can be introduced.
3) Payments and transfer of benefits – Mobile money can be leveraged.
4) Limited LPG distribution networks – New distribution networks can be created for small cylinders by leveraging rural supply chains.
Ignoring the elephant in the room – Pharma industry – G16q9
USA FDA repeated warnings on the standards on Indian Pharmaceutical industry shows how it is suffering from poor standards, oversight, hygiene, production quality.
India is in a constant denial mode to these happenings. So, country shall acknowledge the problem and raise the standards to WHO level.
Prime minister fasal Bima yojana – E4q9
The new agricultural insurance scheme launched by the Government of India aims to provide for
1) Assured insurance at very low premiums.
2) It plans to cover 50% of the total farmers.
Terrorism –U2
Brussels is the fresh victim of the bout of terrorist attacks claimed to be carried by the Islamic State.
Private participation in Defence – E5q2
1) 2006, the UPA government had recommended Raksha Udyog Ratnas status to a dozen major private industry players giving them preference at par with defence PSUs in contracts. Later it was shelved.
2) The present effort to grant the status of “strategic partners” flows from the recommendations of the Dhirendra Singh Committee, formed by the Modi government in May 2015, to evolve a robust policy to facilitate ‘Make in India’ in the defence sector.
3) As rules are not finalized yet, Defence procurement procedure may not contain guidelines on strategic partners.
Indian express
Similar articles are covered – Obamas Cuba visit, Uttarakhand, terrorism etc.

Question of the day
Karachi session of the congress stands tall and relevant for today’s politics too. In the light of the above statement, discuss the relevance of the socialism for today’s India?


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