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My notes by RB 29-03-2016

My Notes – 29March2016


SYL dispute – Brinksmanship over a limited dispute – P13q2

SYL land (Transfer of Property rights) Bill, 2016 is aimed at denotifying the land taken for the purposes of building the canal.

Background of the dispute-

Dispute is about the extra water available for distribution and share of the respective states.

Ravi Beas settlement 1976 – it gave Punjab a share of 22% of water from the quantum of extra water available.

Chief Ministers agreement of 1981 – it raised it to 25% and Eradi tribunal raised the Punjab share to 28%

Punjab assembly passed termination of agreements act, 2004.

Questions posed by the dispute are

1)      Political opportunism – a small resolvable dispute is blown out of proportion for political gains.

2)      Failure of constitutional governance – Punjab assembly passed a resolution that declared it will not allow the building of a canal, whatever might be the Supreme Court judgement.

3)      Failure of the central Government to involve and settle the dispute. It is neither firm nor fair on their role in the issue.

Way forward

Sustainable water use practices need to be adopted.

Political solution through involvement of Prime minister.

Supreme Court shall quickly dispose the matter.

Ravi Beas tribunal can be asked to submit a report and it can be made binding on all the parties.

Defence policy to give push to make in India – E5q7

1)      Offset clause – it is compulsory for all contracts more than rs 300cr earlier and the minimum contract value is increased to rs 2000cr

2)      Government identifying few private sector companies as strategic partners is dropped(originally recommended by the Dhirendrasingh committee)

3)      New procurement class called IDDM – Indigenously designed, developed and manufactured is added and it will be give first preference in procurement.


Myanmar – D1q3

1)      Army still holds the control on three key portfolios and amendment of the constitution. Home, defence, border affairs are in the control of the army. All the civil servants in the country are under the control of the home. It means military rulers still have a great role in program implementation.

2)      Military in Myanmar strongly believes it is the sole unifying force and protector of the constitution.

History of democratic transformation in Myanmar

1990 – Military refused to recognize NLDs triumph in 1990 elections. Mssuukyi was placed under house arrest.

2010 – General thein sein formed a political party – USDP – united solidarity and development party.

2012 – In the by elections held, suukyi entered in to parliament.

2015 – NLD was required to win 67% of the seats in the union legislature and it captured 75% of the seats. But, suukyi could not become the president due to constitutional restrictions. Mr. HtinKyaw was appointed as the president. Suu kyi became the minister in his cabinet.

India – Myanmar

Rajiv Gandhi era pursued a principled and hard line approach towards junta under Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. It gave space for china to strengthen its relations with Myanmar. Look east policy Prime Minister Rao changed the situation to an extent. Now, India is also competing with China in offering aid to Myanmar and trade also rose to $2.5bn in the current fiscal year.


National security summit – D5

1)      Summit is related to the security of Nuclear weapons and nuclear material falling in to terrorist elements. In this summit, major questions India may face are

A)     Security of its nuclear establishments. Harvard school of governance ranked India’s nuclear security below Pakistan.

B)      Indian efforts towards thermonuclear device and nuclear activities in chitradurga Karnataka.

Program Implementation – O1

Prime MinisterModi outlined the priority of the Government is program implementation.


Indian express –

Will update tomorrow.

Question of the day

Do you think Imposition of Presidents rule in a state needs more guidelines on the role of office of speaker and guidelines on the use anti defection law? Explain with examples. 


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