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Terror why Belgium – U2

Belgium – why is it a target?

1)      Cultural divides between the people – it consists of Flemish speaking Flanders and French speaking Walloons. It is a loosely held and compromised federal state.

2)      Open borders

3)      Existence of EU offices in Brussels.

4)      Existence of multiplicity of counter terrorism and intelligence agencies with no cooperation between them.

5)      State has given primacy to privacy of the citizen over National security

Appeal of Islamic state is a commitment to the supremacy of the faith. It attracted many young who see the present day as a chaotic social environment.

Britain steel crisis

Indian steel major Tata steel made a huge investment of $13.1 bn to acquire Corus steel and now its debt surpassed the cost of Corus acquisition. Reasons include

  1. Fall in commodity prices
  2. Cheap Chinese imports
  3. High cost of operations in Britain.

So, Tata s wanted to withdraw from their operation in Britain. Impact include

1)      It will lay off 15,000 steel employees

2)      It may fuel an Anti EU sentiment before referendum in Britain.

Dancing frog

Western Ghats is the bio diversity rich region.

  1. Research on the tadpoles of the dancing frog Micrixalus herrei reveals is that such animals can complete their life cycle only if critical features of the natural landscape are preserved, and human pressure on habitats is consciously reduced.
  2. Specifically in the case of the Indian dancing frog, the availability of shallow streams with sandy depressions enables the laying of eggs and development of tadpoles, that then spend some time under the sand.
  3. Amphibians are considered as the indicators of the health of ecosystems.


  1. Habitat destruction
  2. Chemical pollution
  3. Climate change
  4. Disease and invasive species
  5. Excessi8ve hunting of tadpoles by trial’s for their food.

Pharma Industry – G16q9, P16q3

In India, Internal drug control systems are highly inadequate. It is leading to release of substandard drugs in to the markets and it in turn increasing the drug resistance.

What need to be done?

  1. A think tank is necessary to do sufficient research on Issues of India’s drug regulatory framework.
  2. Mandatory Bio equivalence studies for all generic drugs.
  3. Drug licensing shall be made centralised.



Core sectors – E5q9

It consists of coal, crude oil, Natural gas, refinery products, Fertilizers, cement and Electricity. It accounts to 38% of Index of industrial production.

Fertilizers, cement, refinery, electricity production contributed to the expansion.

India – EU summit in Brussels

India – EU – D2q3


  • Broad-based trade and investment agreement between India and EU has become a victim of ongoing diplomatic tensions:
    • Issue of Italian marines – Both parties expressed confidence on International court of arbitration.
    • EU sanctions on Indian generic drugs on procedural grounds.
    • For India, EU is the largest trading partner and export destination.

Summit outcomes

1)      EU-India agenda for action 2020 is declared. Talks on Broad-based trade and investment agreement are resumed.

2)      Declaration on clean energy and climate

3)      Common agenda on migration and Mobility

4)      Declaration on Terrorism – a comprehensive approach to address terrorism. It urged adoption of UN convention on terrorism. There is a convergence of interests.

5)      Disarmament, Transport and space

6)      EU is keen to cooperate with clean India initiative, smart cities, Ganga rejuvenation initiative.


A)     What India is expecting from EU

Greater access to Indian services in EU market( It needs securing a status of data secure nation )

Easing of Visa norms

What EU is expecting from India

Decreased Tariff on Automobiles, wine and spirits market.

B)     EU concern on Human rights in India

Nuclear security Summit – D5

  • It is an initiative of President Barack Obama to coordinate international effort to prevent terror organisations form acquiring nuclear weapons or material.
  • 50 countries and 4 international agencies are participants to this. That is, UN, Interpol, IAEA, EU.
  • Summit will conclude with the formation of five action plans on existing international platforms that will continue with the nuclear security efforts.

a)      The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), t

b)      he INTERPOL,

c)      the U.N.,

d)      the Global Partnership Against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction, and the

e)      Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism will coordinate the global cooperation on nuclear security.

Washington based nuclear threat initiative placed India under vulnerable category. It expressed the challenges for India can come from corruption, creation of dirty bomb.

Pakistan battle field deployment of nuclear arsenal also made the world vulnerable. USA expressed concern on this.

Terrorism – U2

India declined to join a USA maintained global terror database due to objections from the intelligence agencies.

It is feared that unhindered access to India’s databases can make it vulnerable.


Indian Express

Better apart – One timetable for all elections –P16q8

Do we need to go for one timetable for all elections?

Former CEC RK Trivedi suggested for the same


1)      It will relieve people and Government machinery from the constant election mood.

2)      Ceaseless election cycles are making delivery mechanisms to come to a standstill

On the other side

1)      Varying election schedules have contributed to a deepening of polity’s federal character – regional issues gained significance.

2)      Administratively, it is  a nightmare to hold the elections simultaneously.

3)      Constitutional questions – If an elected Government collapses after 2 years, how it has to be brought back to the schedule.

4)      Elections are heart of representative democracy. Election results now and then helps the Government to know the public mood.

Indian Agriculture – A Business of different style  – E4q9

1)      Agriculture is the only business where both production and price risks co-exist on a day to day basis. It makes working of insurance impossible in Indian agriculture.

2)      In agriculture, everything is brought in retail and sold in wholesale – It weakens the bargaining power of the farmer. Cooperative societies can be a way out.

3)      In India, expansion in agriculture is seen as a crime.

4)      In India, introduction of new technology is always a matter of controversy.

Question of the day

Bio diversity in Western Ghats is coming under due stress. Identify the reasons and suggest the measures to protect the biodiversity hotspot of India.




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