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weekend test - 03 April, 2016 03-04-2016

Weekend test – 27March-2April, 2016

Q.1) Identify the correct statements regarding the functioning of Medical council of India?

1)      Medical council of India is a statutory body

2)      Chairman and Members are elected by the registered members

3)      It is an example for self-regulation

A)     1,2 B) 2,3 C) 1,3 D) 1,2,3,

Ans – D

Q.2) consider the following statements regarding the increases/incentivizes pulses production in India. Identify the correct statements

1)      GM Crops can increase the yield.

2)      Increase in Minimum support prices can increase the acreage of cultivation.

3)      Development of sound national market

A)     1,2 B) 2,3 C) 1,3 D) 1,2,3,

Answer - D

Q.3) which of the following states are declared as the first organic state by the Government of India?

A) Sikkim

B) Arunachal Pradesh

c) Assam

D) Meghalaya


Answer - A


Q.4) which of the following agreements are meant to increase the defence cooperation between India and USA?

1) LSA



4) Home land security cooperation

A) 1,2,3 B) 2,3,4 C) 1,3,4  D) 1,2,3,4

Ans – A

Q5) which of the following international institutions have their Headquarters in Brussels, Brazil?

1)      European Union

2)      NATO

3)      European commission

A)     1,2 B) 2,3 C) 1,3 D) 1,2,3,

Answer – D

Q6) identify the correct statements regarding Dancing frog?

1)      They are endemic to western Ghats in India

2)      Dancing frog is under severely threatened category in IUCN Red data book.

A)     1 only B) 2Only C) Both 1and 2 D) Neither 1 Nor 2

Ans – A

Q7) which of the following are the reasons for decrease in endemic species in western Ghats?

1)      Habitat loss

2)      Pollution

3)      Invasive species

4)      Climate change

A)     1,2,3 B) 2,3,4 C) 1,3,4  D) 1,2,3,4

Answer – D

Q8) which of the following are not the part of core sector industry in India?

  1. Coal
  2. Cement
  3. Refinery
  4. Mining

Answer – D

Q9) consider the following statements regarding IIP and identify the correct statements?

1)      It is an index produced on a monthly basis

2)      The base year for the index is 2004-05

3)      It is published by the CSO

A)     1,2 B) 2,3 C) 1,3 D) 1,2,3,

Answer – D

Q10) which of the following provisions are correct regarding the E commerce policy of India?

1)      It allows for 100% of FDI in all forms of E commerce Business

2)      It provides pricing freedom to E commerce firms

A)     1 only B) 2Only C) Both 1and 2 D) Neither 1 Nor 2

Answer - D


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