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My Notes - 06 April 2014 06-04-2016

My Notes – 06 April 2016


Missing girls of Bangladesh – Trafficking in women – N1q3

Weak laws in India

  1. Laws do not define forced labour and trafficking

The 2003 UN Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children, supplementing the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime, to which India is a signatory, defines trafficking in persons. It includes sex trafficking and forced labour.

Although Article 23 of the Indian Constitution prohibits human trafficking, it does not define the term. The country’s first definition of human trafficking based on the UN trafficking protocol was first seen in the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act of 2013, which substituted Section 370 of the Indian Penal Code with 370 and 370A which deals with trafficking of persons for exploitation. However, this does not include forced labour.

 Nor does the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act of 1956 (as amended in 1986). Other laws pertaining to forced labour in the country do not adequately address the complex issue of human trafficking for the purpose of labour.

  1. Porous borders

The porous Indo-Bangladesh border makes cross-border trafficking in persons, drugs, and fake currency seamless

  1. No proper administrative establishment

There are no proper arrangements for coordination between shelter homes, border security force and Government agencies involved in rehabilitation.

Simultaneous election for LokSabha and Rajya Sabha – P16q8

An analysis by IDFC institute, Mumbai shows that voter’s behaviour is influenced by the simultaneous elections. It says in 77% of cases, voters will vote for the same party both at the state and Centre. If elections are held at different times, it decreased to 44%.

Note – The permanent campaign syndrome– It is coined by the Sidney Blumenthal and it is to reflect the impact of continuous elections crowding out time for governance.

Monetary policy – E11q4

Repo rate is down by .25 basis points and it continues to retain its accommodative stand. Repo rate now stands at 6.5%, the lowest in 5 years.

Reasons for reduction

  1. Bank lending is shifted to Marginal cost of funds based lending rate. It means rate reductions will transmit to customers.
  2. Food inflation is eased notably due to decline in prices and not as a result of the base effect.
  3. Consumer confidence survey shows a positive sentiment and manufacturing purchasing managers’ index reflects a continuing expansion.


Headline inflation

Core inflation

Manufacturing purchasing managers index

Base effect



Black money – E11q5

  • About 10 voluntary disclosure schemes launched since 1951 and money recovered was merely 14,000cr. It is estimated that total money stocked overseas is greater than $505bn.
  • Justice MB shah chairman of the SIT on black money said India is too far away from making any breakthrough on the hunt for black money.
  • US president Obama said that Panama papers show tax evasion as the major problem. The real problem lies in loopholes in the tax laws.

Capital punishment – Amnesty international – Death penalty report – 2015-16 – P12q3

  • Death penalties rose by 54% in 2015.
  • Death penalties are highest in Middle East – Saudi Arabia, Iran, and South Asia – India and Pakistan and East Asia china.

Global economy Losing Momentum – IMF Chief – E8q4

IMF chief Christine Lagarde has said, Global economy is losing momentum and advanced economies are facing a hangover from 2007-09 economic crisis. – That is, too much debt, low investment, high unemployment. Another threat is slowing Chinas economy and competitive devaluation of the economy.


Policy paralysis – Group of Joint secretaries – O9

  • In effective policy implementation, involvement of officers across the hierarchy is very crucial. Group of joint secretaries has been tasked with formulating a blue print for effective implementation of flagship programs.
  • Already Prime minister Is conducting once in a  month review with secretaries of Union Government and state chief secretaries on progress of various projects under implementation. Bringing Joint secretaries in the loop can take this a step forward.
  • E- Pragati – Proactive governance and timely implementation.

India – USA – D2q1

  • India has strongly reacted to the President Obama call for reduction of nuclear stockpiles in south Asia as a possible lack of understanding of Indias defence posture.
  • USA clarified that, the comments are in relation to the Pakistan deploying tactical nuclear weapons that are easily susceptible for theft and misuse.
  • USA also further clarified that India USA relations reached a new peak and US is committed to take forward this relation to a defining partnership of 21st century. So, there is not hyphenation with Pakistan.

Stand up India – O9

  • A Dalit and women entrepreneurship program
  • Banks will provide a loan from 10 Lakhs to 1 crore rupees for setting up a new enterprise.
  • It will help in creating 2.5 lakh entrepreneurs as every bank branch has to lend to at least two persons.

Srilanka – China – D1q10

  • Srilanka cleared the Colombo port city project for construction by Chinese companies before the visit of Prime Minister Ranil wickremesinghe.
  • China also attaches centrality to srilakna to amplify its maritime silk road.

String of pearls in Indian Ocean

Hambanthota – srilanka

Gwadar – Pakistan

Djibouti – horn of Africa

Kyaukphyu – Myanmar


Tilting towards Saudis – D3q2

  • India’s traditional stand in West Asia is based on a tri axis between Saudi, Iran and Israel. Now, it appears a shift more towards Saudi Arabia. If India looks its West Asia policy only through the prism of Pakistan. It might end up making a mistake.

From Yesterday news

India – Saudi Arabia –D3q2

Saudi Arabia is traditionally a source of energy and of remittances for India.

In recent Years cooperation is improved and took a new dimension in to counter terrorism and intelligence sharing.

West Asia – India – Saudi Arabia relations – D3q2

  • Rise of Sunni extremism is also threatening the conservative Arab monarchies as never before.
  • America embrace of Iran and a sense of abandonment exists among Saudis
  • Steep fall in oil revenues

India’s new approach to the region under Modi is fashioned around three areas.

  1. To leverage the Gulf riches to accelerate India’s economic growth
  2. To tap in to the huge potential for strengthening counter terror cooperation.
  3. To explore the prospects for deepening defense cooperation with the Gulf States. 

It has been reported that there are tensions in the Pakistan-Saudi relationship after Islamabad’s renewed engagement with Iran. Pakistan had also refused to send troops to Yemen to join a Saudi war coalition.

Indian Express

  • Delhi to Riyadh – already covered in detail
  • Cutting it fine – monetary policy – already covered


Question of the day

India – Saudi Arabia relations are taking a new dimension and perspective in the changing global environment and instability in West Asia. Critically analyze. 


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