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My notes - 07April2016 07-04-2016

My Notes – 07 April 2016


Language of violence – P6q6

Section 295A

Section 295A. Deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage reli­gious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or reli­gious beliefs.

Language of violence in the public life has many consequences for communal peace and harmony and if it comes from people in responsible positions, it has wider consequences to social order.

Free and Open source software – copy Left – S2

Free and open-source software (FOSS) is computer software that is, anyone is freely licensed to use, copy, study, and change the software in any way, and the source code is openly shared so that people are encouraged to voluntarily improve the design of the software.

Microsoft that believed in proprietary software is slowly embracing the FOSS.

Panama Paper trail – E11q5

The major challenge in movement of global financial capital include

  1. Lax tax laws
  2. Tax heavens

In India,

Liberalized remittance scheme by RBI did not clearly mention about offshore investments and this loophole is used to stock the money in tax heavens.


Colombo city project – D1q6

The china funded project approved by the Government is facing a stiff resistance from the civil society. It can cause adverse impact on marine ecology, environment and fishermen’s livelihood.

Data protection vs National security. – O6q3

Whatsapp aims to improve its security features with end to end encryption. It will make the job of security agencies much tough.

On the other side, Indian Government asked twitter, facebook, google to establish local servers to get real time information.

Forest rights act – P6q19

Gram Sabha under forest rights act is authorized to give mining permissions. But, many of the state Governments and mining companies are forging their signatures to get the mining rights. It happened in Niyamgiri hills, Gandhamardan.

MoTA is the nodal ministry to implement the forest rights act.


India- Pakistan – D1q1

India-Pakistan shall engage with each other for deepening of democracy in Pakistan and it is in the best interests of India in the long run,

India – China – D1q5

India expressed its strong resentment to China at the highest level for its opposition to include Jaish e Mohd chief Maulana Masood Azhar in the terror list.

China answered that It agrees, there is no discrimination in dealing with terrorists. But, in naming an individual as terrorist more discussions are necessary.

India- USA – d2q1
Defence secretary Ash carter is about to make a visit to India.

According to him, there are two crucial pillars for India – USA defence cooperation

  1. There is a convergence between India’s Act East policy and USA Asia Pivot policy.
  2. Defence technology and trade initiative.

USA wants India to sign LSA, CISMOA, BECA agreements to deepen ties between the countries. However, Indian security establishment has its own reservations saying it will push India in to the permanent embrace of the USA.

At the same time china already raised concerns on US – Philippines enhanced defence cooperation agreement.


Indian Express


Indian agriculture is going through a series of droughts and MGNREGA is the only a way for wage employment and income guarantee on the rural side. So, delay in release of payments by central Government is damaging the livelihoods.

Average agricultural growth in el nino years since 1981-82 to 2015-16 is 2.1% compared with a period average of 3%.

Reduced productivity was often offset by the increased prices previously. This year, fall in global commodity demand made the things worse for the farmers.

But, agrarian crisis always paved way for innovation in India. In 1960s it is HYV seeds, 1970s drought in MH led to employment guarantee act and this time it shall be for water use efficiency. – ground water recharge, drip irrigation, check dams, farm ponds etc.

Nuclear security summit – D5

Remember this statement

There is no nuclear security as long as nuclear weapons exist.

Question of the day

MGNREGA success as a program lies in its ability to rehabilitate the victim of drought rather than in creating durable assets for a village. In the light of above statement critically analyze the success and failure of MGNREGA. – D5



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