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Chinese veto – D1q5

India and China have a common understanding on fighting terrorism and it was assured on multiple forums by china.

Since September 2014, china blocked India’s actions at UN to list various terrorists in the red list at UN. Though china says it is a technical hold, the real reasons appear to be many

  1. Chinas deepening engagement with Pakistan
  2. India USA cooperation on South china sea  and growing military ties

The way forward for India is to show that terror is not a zero sum game and it shall continue to work with every world power to isolate the terrorists.

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China stalls India s move on salahuddin

  1. China in UNSC stalled the Indian motions against Salahuddin, Head of united jihad council and kept a technical hold on the matter. In spite of commitments of china on joint fight against terror during Prime Minister Visit, it appears a deviant behavior.
  2. The 1267 committee (a committee on Al Qaeda and associated entities) which finalizes the terrorists, can only decide the matters on consensus. India expressed concern that hafiz Sayeed in spite of listed in 1267 committee, is able to conduct rallies in Karachi and Lahore.


IIT fees - O4q2

  • Increase in fees of the IITs shall not deprive access to quality education to socio economically deprived classes.
  • So, loan linkage to education, concessions to S C and STs are a welcome step.
  • However, Brain drain is a major concern for IIT (the purpose envisaged for them is to form the technological manpower for the nation)

India – Pakistan Talks  - D1q1

High commissioner of Pakistan accuses India of suspending Comprehensive bilateral dialogue and putting the Jammu and Kashmir issue on the back burner. It shows the changing power equation between civilian and military Government in Pakistan.

Imagining a Neighbours turbulence

The facts that show that Civil- Military balance is shifting in Pakistan

  1. After the Lahore suicide attack on Easter day, Pakistan army has taken the control over the counter terror operations in Punjab and it is considered as a forte of Prime Minister Sharif. As per the national action plan against terrorism, Punjab is kept out of the action plan.
  2. Zarb E Azb, launched in North Waziristan against the elements of Tehreek e Taliban and its success enhanced the image of Army.
  3. Revival of National security council ( NSC was established by the Yahiya khan and it gave the space for military officials in civilian administration)
  4. Army is increasingly uncomfortable with Prime Minister Sharif’s effort to improve relations with India.


Innovation and patents – S5

Government of India clarified the computer related invention guidelines and said only software involving the novel hardware is patentable. It promotes the open and free software development in India.  Shakti processor program in IIT-Madras, Lightstor storage system lab all are the examples for this.


Military expenditure –  U8

As Per the Stockholm international peace research institute - India is the sixth largest military spender in 2015 and it surpasses France, Germany and Israel.


Pending cases – O6q4

  • Supreme Court guidelines to banks to give prosecution sanction within 4 months against offices in the cases of collusion in criminal conspiracy to cheat the banks is violated in most of the cases.
  • Under Section 19 of the Prevention of Corruption Act, courts cannot take cognisance of a charge sheet until the prosecuting authority, in this case the CBI, has the sanction of the “appropriate administrative authority.”
  • The Supreme Court has laid down guidelines setting a time limit of three months for grant of sanction for prosecution, once the investigation agency submits its FIR, findings and other relevant documents to the sanctioning authority. An additional month’s time is given in cases in which the sanctioning authority wants to consult the Attorney-General or any other law officer in the AG’s office.


Indian express

Aadhar – O6q3

It is the chance for creation of an effective welfare state for India. Privacy concerns expressed are highly misplaced.

  1. Among the types of the data, UIDAI possess, the core bio metrical data shall not be shared for any purpose, including national security.
  2. It improvises the vital accountability function in public service delivery.

A friendly force – Health – O4q1

Child nutrition is highly dependent on the mother’s nutrition. So, the issue that need urgency is the maternal nutrition.

Question of the day

Chinas Technical hold on Indian moves at UN to bring a ban on terror organisations shall be seen from a wider geo political angle. Analyze


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