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weekend consolidation topics 10-04-2016

Dear students, please download the file and recollect the current events happened till date in the week. 


Topics of the week

Debates – Issues under discussion

Collected from Indian express and The Hindu

  1. Do we need a National court of appeal – Judicial reforms
  2. Women entry in to temple – A question of gender equality
  3. National solid waste management rules
  4. Panama papers – tax evasion vs tax avoidance – What reforms are necessary to our tax laws?
  5. India – Pakistan talks – way forward?
  6. China – India terror cooperation – 1267 committee of UN – what is the technical hold of china at UN?
  7. Permission for prosecution of officials – Supreme court Guidelines
  8. Health – child malnutrition and poverty – connection with Maternal malnutrition
  9. Computer related innovation guidelines – are they are conducive for free and open source software
  10. IIT fees hike – How to achieve equity and universal access?
  11. Language of violence in a democracy – legal protections against menace – section 295A of IPC
  12. Data protection vs National security – WhatsApp end to end encryption
  13. Forest rights act – how is it being implemented?
  14. MGNREGA and combating rural distress – way forward?
  15. Nuclear security summit – hyphenation of India – Pakistan
  16. Trafficking of women across international borders – what are the legal gaps to protect these women?
  17. Simultaneous elections to legislature at the Centre and states? – Benefits, challenges, feasibility
  18. Capital punishment – Amnesty international –  report
  19. Srilanka – china relations
  20. Black money – what India did till date?
  21. Stand Up India
  22. West Asia – Is India tilting towards Saudi Arabia
  23. Monetary policy – New changes
  24. Criminal justice delivery system – reforms – recommendations of Madhav Menon committee – Is the restorative justice way forward?
  25. Status of Indian economy – Is it still a bright spot in the world??




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