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weekend test 10-04-2016

Q 1) Which of the following provisions can lead to increases quality of judicial action in India?

  1. Establishment of National court of Appeal
  2. Victim centric restorative justice in India
  3. Improving the capacities of high courts and lower judiciary
  4. Decreasing the access to Supreme court and confining it only to original jurisdiction

A)     1, 2,3 B) 2,3,4 C) 1,3,4  D) 1,2,3,4

Answer – A

Q 2) which of the following articles of the constitution are violative of the right to equality of the constitution of India?

  1. Lack of access to sanctum sanctorum in temples for women
  2. Practice of untouchability
  3. Lack of access to school education for children
  4. Lack of reservations in private sector employment

A)     1,2 only B) 1, 2,3 C) 1,2,4  D) 1,2,3,4

Answer – A

Q 3) which of the following are correct with regard to recent solid waste management rules formulated by the central Government?

  1. Rules apply beyond municipalities
  2. Ministry of Urban development gave these rules
  3. Rules emphasize on application of User fees on waste generators
  4. Informal sectors like rag pickers are also included in the scope of the rules

A)     1,2,3 B) 2,3,4 C) 1,3,4  D) 1,2,3,4

Ans – C

Q4) which of the following comes under the definition of tax avoidance in the country?

A)     Stocking money in a tax heaven for ease of operations

B)     Stoking money in a tax heaven and paying the taxes in Tax heaven through a set of offshore companies

C)     Transferring the money overseas through Liberalised remittamnces scheme of RBI

D)     Not paying the tax in India.

Answer – B

Q5) which of the following provisions of IPC deal with violence against the state , religion and Individual?

  1. Section 129A
  2. Section 499A
  3. Section 295A

A)     1,2 B) 2,3 C) 1,3 D) 1,2,3,

Answer – C

Q6) which of the following statements regarding Saud Arabia are true?

  1. Saudi Arabia is the primary source of crude oil for India
  2. Saudi Arabia and India are the important members in Gulf cooperation council

A)     1 only B) 2Only C) Both 1and 2 D) Neither 1 Nor 2

Answer – A

Q7) which of the following are the advantages of simultaneous elections for Lok sabha and state legislative assembly?

  1. Decreased costs
  2. Better focus on governance
  3. Strong federal relations
  4. Better judgement by the voter on respective Governments.

A)     1,2 only B)1, 2,3 C) 1,3,4  D) 1,2,3,4

Answer – A

Q 8) identify the important characteristics of the standup India program?

  1. It is to encourage green field entrepreneurial projects by S C/ ST only
  2. It intends to facilitate atleast two such projects per bank branch, on an average one for each category of entrepreneur.

A)     1 only B) 2Only C) Both 1and 2 D) Neither 1 Nor 2

Answer – B

Q 9) Which of the following steps can control the black money formation in the country?

  1. Voluntary disclosure schemes
  2. Integration of different sets of data of consumers through Aadhar
  3. Removal of high denomination currency notes.

A)     1,2 B) 2,3 C) 1,3 D) 1,2,3,

Answer – D

Q 10) Identify the correct in relation to the forest rights act?

  1. It is implemented by the ministry of environment and forests
  2. Rights are available only to the scheduled tribes under the act

A)     1 only B) 2Only C) Both 1and 2 D) Neither 1 Nor 2

Ans - D



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