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My notes - 11April2016 11-04-2016

My Notes – 11 April 2016

Accident in Kerala – G20q1

  1. Poor safety planning and gross negligence
  2. Failure of the law enforcement agencies to carry forward the district magistrates order
  3. Lack of accountability on temple management committee

What is required?

  1. A standard operating protocol for mass gatherings.
  2. A disaster planning and evacuation method to avoid stampede
  3. Zero tolerance for violations  and a strong commitment to safety
  4. Regular field drills of contingency planning.

Liquor ban - N1q3

  1.  Decreases domestic violence
  2. Broadly shifts the family expenditure towards developmental priorities such as education of children.

On the other side

  1. Enforcement is very difficult and it can increase corruption
  2. Decreased revenue for the state for implementation various development initiatives
  3. Tourism industry can be worst affected.

Diabetes – O4q1

  1. In India, diabetes is fast increasing in the urban areas and it is a country with highest diabetic population after china.


  1. Dietary habits – higher consumption of carbohydrate rich diet.
  2. Sedentary life styles
  3. Rising levels of central adiposity
  4. Genetic susceptibility
  5. Gestational diabetes

Actions suggested

  1. Early diagnosis of raised sugar levels and control of the diabetes
  2. Changing life styles
  3. Special focus on gestational diabetes


India – EU – Broad based bilateral free trade agreement  - D2q3

Issues for EU

  1. Reduction in Tariff barriers for automobiles, wines and spirit imports to India.

Issues for India

  1. Non-tariff barriers (sanitary and Phytosanitary measures) need to be reduced for agricultural imports.
  2. Easy temporary movement of skilled professionals and seamless intra corporate movement.
  3. Data security status for India which is crucial for software exports.
  4. EU import ban on sale of pharmaceutical products clinically tested by GVK bio sciences.


US open to greater role for India in China

  1. Pakistan, Afghanistan, china, USA are the parties to Afghanistan dialogue and it did not see a remarkable progress.
  2. India has a strategic partnership agreement with Afghanistan since 2011 but, it did not show an inclination towards security cooperation. However, this is changing with recent transferring of MI – 25 attack helicopters to the afghan air force.
  3. Till date, USA has maintained an ambiguity for India’s security role in Afghanistan.
  4. US special representative for Afghanistan Pakistan region Richard Olson shows a change in USA thinking on India’s role in Afghanistan.

National social media policy – O2q1

  1. 1.      Social media has become the major propaganda tool for Islamic State and other terror organisations. All the recruits to Islamic State from India were attracted through social media.
  2. 2.      Government intends to bring in a National social media policy to arrest this and aims to instill a special monitoring cell and an effective delivery of positive content through the same media.

Tax avoidance – E12q7

  1. Since 2011, India has provision under section 94A to deal with Jurisdictions that don not effectively exchange information. So for only Cyprus has been notified. So, broad review of tax heavens is necessary.
  2. Review of comprehensive double tax treaty with Mauritius

Indian Express

All polls together – P16q8

  1. 1983 – Election commisison of India, 1999 – Law commisison headed by Justice jeevan reddy , recommended for simultaneous elections.

2015- Parliamentary standing committee on personnel, public grievances, law and Justice recommended for twice in five years elections for state legislative assemblies.

  1. UK, South Africa and Sweden have similar laws in place for simultaneous elections.

Challenges in India

  1. A constitutional amendment is necessary – A constructive no confidence motion and continuity of the houses for 5 years both at the states and Centre is necessary.
  2. National and state elections are often fought on a different set of issues. Simultaneous elections may dilute the voting behaviour in favor of a set of issues.


Farm Error – E13q5

Issue – recent decision of NDA to force healthy PSU to revive fertilizer plants

Fertilizer subsidy is leading to -

  1. Imbalanced use of fertilisers and unviability of fertilizer production.
  2. There is no incentive for improving the efficiency of production at factory level.


Interest subvention scheme – wake up smell the leakage – E4q6

  1. Started in 2006-07 to help farmer to get a cheaper farm credit for crop loans.
  2. It provided an interest subvention of 2% and later 1% extra for timely payment of loans. Now, it is raised to 5% and effective interest rate on the farm loans is 4%. The remaining interest rate will be paid to the banks by the Government.

Problems and solution

  1. The growing levels of short term agri credit is increasing the financial liability of the scheme.
  2. Failure of the Government to pay in the dues in time has effected banks financial health.
  3. Most of the loans taken under the scheme are used for depositing in banks or for money lending purposes outside.
  4. So, RBI committee on Medium term path on financial inclusion has recommended for phasing out of the interest subvention scheme and moving towards universal crop insurance scheme. Added to this, it is better to use an income policy and directly transfer the money to farmers accounts linked to Aadhar for all input subsidies like fertilizers, seeds, farm machinery and agro credit.

Question of the day

  1. Do you think a shift to direct benefits transfer and crop insurance scheme and access formal credit institutions can change the rural distress in India? 


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