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My notes
Speaking in Numbers
Context - increase in voting percentage in assembly elections
The reasons include
1. Increase in the number of polling stations
2. Use of voter identity cards and photo electoral rolls
3. Simplification of voter registration process and easier verification of residence.
4. Social inclusion that voting day witnesses
5. Voter awareness programme of the EC

Skyes – Picot pact
In 1916, Britain and France signed a secret agreement carving out spheres of influence that ultimately created the modern Western Asia. It is famously known as Sykes-Picot. It did not take in to consideration the ethnically diversities and is the reason for today s problems in the region. So, there were many challenges to the Sykes-Picot pact. Nasserism, Baathism to develop Arab solidarity are to challenge this. Today, Kurdish question is an outcome of this pact.

Forest rights act
Context – Gram Sabha rejecting the permission for the mining in Orissa, Chattisgarh ( Dongri Kondh adivasis in Niyamgiri hills)
1. The act provides for the recognition of the rights of communities to govern, use , conserve forests. It mean that any activity in a community governed forest should be subject to the consent by the community.
2. The principle of free and prior informed consent is reiterated in the recent declaration on the rights of the Indigenous people. It needs to be incorporated as a central tenet in India’s welfare planning.
3. Tribal self rule in central India, communities action law in Nagaland, people s planning in Kerala are few initiatives that are in line with democracy.

Brazilian crisis
The ongoing Brazilian crisis can effect the country s international stature, south-south cooperation, third world solidarity. Groupings like BRICS, BASIC,IBSA can get effected with out the active participation of the Brazil seen during the Lula Desilvs era.

Losing the Neighbourhood
India has challenges in its Neighbourhood majority for the following reasons
1. Interferences in their internal affairs
2. Lack of mature diplomacy
3. Nepal – constitutional drafting and following statements from India in support of Madhesis and blockade that followed created an anti – Indian dependancy.
4. Maldives – Indian reaction to the arrest and manhandling of the former president Nasheed led to the strong statements from Maldives not to interfere in its internal matters.
5. Sri Lanka - There are accusations that India functioned against the Rajapaksa in elections.
Added to this, China is vigorously pursuing the infrastructure projects in these countries and India’s materialistic strength can not match the Chinese to involve in the zero sum game and only way forward is to strengthen the relations through mature diplomacy.

6. There is also a. Sizeable reduction in aid and loans given by India in its Neighbourhood.

Conclusion – Muscular tactics shall be replaced by the mature diplomacy.

Tatkal system for patents
Recent Intellectual property rights policy aims to push IPRs as a marketable financial asset and economic tool, to promote innovation and entrepreneurship while protecting public interest.

It provides for the expedited examination route for start ups. The move is to popularise India as a patent filing hub.

Chabahar port
PM minister visit to Iran on My 22-23 may lead to an MOU on Chabahar port. It provides for an alternate route to Afghanistan and helps the India-Iran and Afghanistan trade pact.

Geo spatial Bill
Pakistan objected to the Indian Geo spatial bill for depicting Jammu and Kashmir as the part of India. India declared Pakistan has no locus standing on the matter ands it is the duty of the govt to ensure that India’s geography is projected properly.

Man Booker prize
South Korean author Han Kang won the man Booker international prize for her book the vegetarian.

Indian Express
Tackling on poverty and Prosperity
1. Between 2005-2012, India’s poverty fell rapidly and it exceeded the average rate of decline for a developing world as a whole and the middle income countries as a group. In India incomes of the poor grew at a slower pace than the population as a whole. That is the responsiveness of poverty to per capita GDP growth in India is lower than the average for developing countries.
2. In India poverty is also closely intertwined with Geography. Rural areas are home to 80% of Indian poverty and slower poverty reduction in the poorer states persists.
3. In 2012, India is still the home for 26 crores of poor people. One in four people living in extreme poverty in the world are Indians.
4. India’s picture is more challenging, if we take other deportations beyond the consumption in to consideration.

Unhappy Augury
WPI inflation in April month came in to positive territory and is majority due to increase in food prices. It can affect the growth prospects of the economy in the near future.

Question of the day
Analyse the reasons for the rise in voting percentage in the recent Assembly elections?



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