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My notes - 21May2016 21-05-2016

My Notes by RB

The Hindu

Why the DMK Lost/Against all odds – Tamil Nadu Poll results

  1. Outcomes in Tamil Nadu suggest that anti incumbency of the govt is mitigated by the mix of populism and social welfare programs.
  2. Opposition disunity, internal feuds in DMK, dynasty politics all have weakened the chances of DMK to win elections.
  3. The election has to be seen as more a failure of DMK rather than success of AIADMK. Sedition charges on singer Kovan, honour killings dented the image of the govt. Inspite of this, defensive DMK failed to take tide on its side.

Message from West Bengal

  1. Welfare politics and better outreach made AITC (All India Trinamool congress) to win elections.
  2. Programs such as recruitment of police constables from Maoist belt of Jangalmaha, emphasis on Rs 2kg rice, stipends for young women all made for the success of Trinamool congress.
  3. On the other side, economic collapse of the state is becoming imminent as debt to GDP ratio raised to 35.5% l


Days and Nights in Nepal.

There is an increasing escalation of the confrontation between Govt and SLMM(Samyukta Loktantrik Madhesi Morcha) on newly framed constitution. The central to this agitation is identity and representation. They accuse that benefits granted to the Madhesis and Janjatis under the 2007 agreement and interim constitution had been denied to them in the final constitution.

The impact of this can be

  1. Political instability
  2. Delay in earth quake rehabilitation
  3. Failure to conduct local and provincial elections in the new constitutional framework by this year end will lead to constitutional suspension and Nepal will revert back to pre constitutional days.



Finance Minister says competition is vital for the market economies. It creates innovation, efficiency, price competitiveness, greater choice, better quality of goods and services and greater investment.

Unlike this, Government monopolies will lead to stagnation. So, public utility services such as transport, discoms need to be exposed to competition.



FM said that four month window period given to the people to disclose the undisclosed income will not apply to the people under protection of any offence related to prevention of corruption act.


Gene database

Genome sequence studies are initiated on the Indian population by Banglore based medgenome. It helps in identifying  various genes associated with cancer and other incurable diseases.


Inspite of nuclear deal, USA and Iran relations are not close to a. Full scale engagement. Though informal cooperation exists on various issues, formal relations need to be yet established.

The reasons include

  1. USA has lifted only the secondary sanctions levied after nuclear program and not the primary sanctions imposed in 1979( after American diplomats were taken hostage).
  2. Iran is still in the list of state sponsor of Terrorism.
  3. There is an opposition from conservative establishments both in USA and Iran.
  4. Opposition from Saudi Arabia and Israel

But, USA agrees that given the volatile situation in the region, sustained interaction with Iran is a necessity.


Prime Minister foreign visits

Prime Minister is about to visit Iran, Qatar and USA in the coming months.

1. Iran – The trilateral agreement between Iran – Afghanistan – India is on cards using chabahar-Zahedan-zaranj corridor. It is expected to be a game changer for the region. It provides an assured and reliable alternative access via sea. Chabahar port will also help India to connect to Central Asia through North South transport corridor. Indian public and private sector is also showing interest in investing Chabahar Free trade zone.


2. Qatar – it is the largest supplier of LNG to India accounting to the tune of 65% of India’s imports.

3. Afghanistan - Prime Minister will unveil Salma dam built by India

4. USA – pending Logisitics Exchange Memorandum of agreement is expected tol be concluded.  First commercial nuclear deal could also be signed.


Indian Express

Assam elections

1)     In Assam poll statistics suggest that there is consolidation of votes on religious lines. It is unlike in the past where ethnicities mattered the most.

2)     Scheduled tribes constitute 12.4% of the population and appointment of a committee to include few of the tribal people in OBC category into ST category also played its role in results.


Voting Behaviour and outcomes

1)     Governance and welfare become the rallying point in the polls. It is clearly visible in the states of West Bengal and Tamil Nadu.

2)     In Tamil Nadu, the difference in votes polled for the two major factions is to the tune of 1.1% but the difference in seat charge is more than 40%. It shows that a marginal shift of voters who are neutral can influence the electoral outcomes.

3)     Ideological dilution for the parties like CPM costed dearly to them in West Bengal.

4)     TN now has a strong opposition and WB has a weekend opposition. It will definitely have an impact on the accountability of the Government.


GM crop Technology

New rules for licensing of genetic modification technology says the licensor of an approved technology shall not refuse grant of a license to any eligible seed company wanting to incorporate it into its own hybrids or varieties.


It makes the compulsory licensing in GM crops a rule and is considered a violation of the Government s own IPR policy announced recently.


Question of the day


Do you think Chabahar port will be a game changer for India and Afghanistan. If so, discuss the reasons.





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