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My Notes 19 Aug 2016 19-08-2016

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My notes

The Hindu – editorials

Cost of political interference

Lehman brothers collapse caused a loss of confidence in banking sector and it triggered the Global economic recession. In this scenario, USA Fed had a choice of saving Lehman brothers and there by the world from crisis. It restrained to bail out Lehman brothers Inspite of having enough collateral. The reasons are

  1. US fed chairman Ben Bernanke and US treasury secretary failed to anticipate the consequences of Lehman fallout.
  2. Mr Paulson, US treasury secretary believed that bailing out Lehman brothers will not be a good political decision.

So, the Lehman brothers crisis proves a point that decisions in such crises must be thoroughly documented and subject to  oversight by  parliament. It ensures accountability for decision making.


Death by Liquor

Prohibition as a populist measure and electoral promise is rising across the states. But the states are making laws to prohibit the liquor with out any personnel to enforce the same.

It is leading to the rise of illicit liquor and hooch tragedies. Recent deaths in Gopalganj in Bihar is one such an example.


Added to this, the loss of revenue to the Government from prohibition is not properly estimated and many welfare programs dependant on that are taking a beat.


Studies prove that abstinence from alcohol rarely happens through prohibition and supportive treatment and proper health care infrastructure is necessary. For instance, alcohol anonymous is one such successful example.


National water commission

Need for a national water commission

  1. In India, management of water is highly segregated and an integrated approach is missing. For instance, central water commission and central ground water board functions in silos with out any coordination. So, an holistic approach to water management can only be possible with a national water commission.

Other points

  1. A focus is necessary on river basin management and river basins shall form the fundamental unit of  management of water.
  2. Multidisciplinary view of water and participatory approach are critical for water management.
  3. Over exploitation of ground water and ground water crisis need to be arrested in India.
  4. Interlinking of waters can disturb the monsoon cycle which depends on fresh water flowing in to the sea.


EPW – some ethical practices

  1. EPW as a policy never accepted grants from abroad and corporate houses. It share of revenue from advertisements is very less. This helped the magazine to maintain its editorial independence.



Recently a parliamentary standing committee expressed a concern at the unscientific and excessive use of pesticides in agriculture and threat posed by the same for the health and environment. It is causing bio magnification and an health hazard.

But needs of food security makes the use of food security mandatory, however their use can be regulated.

Rio olympics – Sakshi Malik won a bronze medal in 58kg free style event at Rio olympics.

Yoga – SATYAM – science and technology for yoga and Medicine is offering financial help to study the yoga and its significance in treatment in Medicine.

NAM – Next NAM summit is about to be held in Venezuela.

Law ministry – access to Justice project is being implemented in North eastern states and Jammu and Kashmir to address the legal needs of marginalised and vulnerable sections of society.


Questions of the day

Analyse the need for an integrated approach for the management of water in India.




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