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My Notes 20 Aug 2016 20-08-2016

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Food inflation

Inflation in the food category of the CPI accelerated to 8% and in the case of the WPI surged to a 31 month high of 11.8%. It is a cause of concern as food inflation is going to effect the poor the worse. Added to this, implementation of 7th pay commission recommendations and one rank one pension can further rise the consumption demand and can make the inflation sour.

On the other side, good monsoon predictions are a respite. But, good monsoons cam also rise the rural side demand.


Moscow’s Long Shadow

The presidential elections in USA are dominated by the discussions on Russia(Putin) and Islamism. Republicans see Russia as an ally in fight against Islamic terrorism and on the other hand democrats consider Russia as a greater threat.

NATO alliance is also facing new challenges from its eastern and southern borders. Traditionally on eastern side Russia is always a cause of concern. But, on southern side rise in terrorism is another concern rising. In this scenario, NATO refocused itself on terrorism too. In this context, it is said that strength and dialogue was always the strategy to balance Russia in NATO – Russia relations. There will be no broad changes in this strategy. India’s close links with Russia and given the fact India is also threatened by  terrorism, cooperation between the U.S, India and Russia on fighting Islamism is a desirable direction to  take.



Rio Olympics

PV Sindhu, a Badminton player From India won a silver medal in Rio olympics in women s single category. She lost against the top ranked Spanish national Carolina Marin in the finals.

Judiciary – series of events that led to a delay in appointment of judges

  • NJAC act was passed by the parliament and state legislatures replacing the two decade old collegium system.
  • A bench of Supreme Court headed by Justice Kehar declared NJAC as unconstitutional and revived the collegium system. It also asked for suggestions to improve the opaque collegium system.
  • Bench has summarised the suggestions it received and asked the govt to redraw the Memorandum of procedure to make the appointment process transparent and broad based.
  • Ministry of personnel is working on the new memorandum of procedure.

In the process, govt says that the appointment process was stuck due to delay in the judgement.

India’s innovation landscape is often described as Jugaad. That is a frugal innovation to meet the ends. It is suggested that India shall focus on being known for knowledge excellence.

Global innovation index – India raised 15 points high in global innovation index and stands at 66th rank in the worlds this year.

Digital connectivity – India ranks at 39th position in fixed broad band connectivity among Asia Pacific countries. It stands below Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Dampulla temple – it is the largest and best preserved cave temple complex in Sri Lanka and is declared by the UNESCO as a world heritage site.

Arunachal Pradesh – India is building 8  advanced landing grounds in Arunachal Pradesh for the airforce to operate. It is for  increasing forward deployment capability and improving balance with China.


Question of the day

India’s innovation landscape can change significantly with broadband penetration. Do you think so. If so, analyse.


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