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My Notes 22 Aug 2016 22-08-2016

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Yemen – such a long silence on Yemen

Yemen has become a country for Cold War between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Shia Houthi Rebels are still in the control of the capital Sanaa and Saudi Arabia air raids are continuing on them in support of president MansourHadi. Inspite of Saudi intervention for more than a year it did not achieve any strategic benefits. On the other side international community is also very silent on the issue. The major reasons are

1        Saudi Arabia is the largest importer of weapons form USA.

2        Saudi Arabia is upset with Iran nuclear deal and USA id not interested in pushing it further.

Because of this, the vacuum created to stateless news has given rise to the growth of Al Qaeda. It is also severely hurting the Saudi economy and creating instability in its boundaries. It is the time it shall reconsider its strategy.


Syria - Syria’s continuing human tragedy

AylanKurdi  and OmranDaqneeshtwo Syrian boys represent the worst humanitarian crisis the world has witnessed. Inspite of the death of half a million people there is no end to the war in Syria in near future. It set in a mass migration and strengthening of ISIS. It is the time international community shall work for cease fire and a solution to the crisis.


Recording each vote

Today, In parliament most of the bills are passed through voice vote. Very few bills see the recorded vote. For example, in 14thLok Sabha only 8 bills out of 248 were passed through recorded vote. Because of this,

  1.  the voters are unable to judge the behavior of their members and their stand on the floor of the house. Recording of the votes will ensure the explanation of ones position to the electorate. It will further ensure a sound intra party discussion.
  2. Voice vote along with anti defection law are curbing the members freedom of speech and making them irrelevant in the house. They are made to follow the party line with out any debate or questions.

So, greater freedom for the MPs will ensure better functioning of the house and democracy.


Challenges before Urjit Patel

Urjit Patel is been appointed as the new governor of RBI. He has many challenges that are placed before him.

  1. Policy continuity at central bank – Tenure of Raghu Ram Rajan brought the inflation as a central focus of the monetary policy. It need to be continued. As inflation is spiraling due to high food prices, taming it is a great challenge. Achieving growth simultaneously is another challenge.
  2. Monetary policy committee need to be institutionalised.
  3. Cleaning of balance sheets initiated by the Raghu ram Rajan need to be finished to a logical conclusion.
  4. Improving monetary transmission needs a focus.



Energy efficiency–Mr Jayant Baliga, an Indo Americans invention of insulated gate bipolar transistor enabled the efficient electronics including CFL bulb.

Electronics manufacturing–NITI Aayog has prepared a draft strategy paper Make in India – strategy for electronic products. NITI Aayog has suggested for a 10 years tax Holiday for companies investing over $1bn in electronics manufacturing activities.


Chandigarh – As the elections for the Punjab are coming close Chandigarh has become a political issue again. All the political parties started demanding for transfer of Chandigarh to Punjab.


Question of the day

  1. West Asia is a victim of Cold War between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Every one has a self interest in this and humanity is the victim. Discuss. 


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