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My Notes 23 Aug 2016 23-08-2016

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Diplomacy and the diaspora

In the initial years, India’s policy towards diaspora was of non interference. Rajiv Gandhi era is a land mark shift in the diaspora diplomacy. The Government invited Indian diaspora to participate in India s modernization. Added to this, Indian Government reaction to the crisis in Fiji in 1987 instilled confidence among the diaspora that Indian Government will not be a silent witness for the suffering and discrimination of its people. Later many developments have occurred. They are

  1. PIO and OCI card
  2. PravasiBharatiya Divas
  3. PravasiBharatiyaSamman awards
  4. Voting rights for Indian citizens abroad
  5. A separate ministry of overseas Indian Affairs etc.

In USA, Indian Diaspora has created an India Caucus in the House of representatives and was instrumental in signing US India Nuclear deal.

Prime Minister Modi is instrumental in mobilizing the Indian community abroad for a collective conscious and to spread Indias priorities and needs.

On the other side, volatility in west Asia is rising the concerns on the welfare of Indians abroad. So, the union and state governments to shall prepare themselves to absorb them and rehabilitate them. The first step in this process can be the maintenance of a database of Indian Diaspora.


Looking for some change,  Governor

  1. RBI focus on inflation can impact the growth. RBI alone through its monetary policy can not control inflation and fiscal policy definitely have a role to play. In this scenario, share of government responsibility in controlling inflation will be totally shifted to the RBI.
  2. RBI shall renew its monthly bulletin on the status of economy.
  3. RBI has always maintained an arms length distance with financial sector as a regulator and it paid India well. It is able to secure the deposits of the common people. It shall continue the same path. Raghu ram Rajan initiation of clearing the balance sheets of banks should be continued.

Miles to go before we reap

India shall create a sporting culture in the country. It need to build necessary infrastructure and state, society shall feel sport is no more a leisure act  but a professional at its core and it can create jobs and Business.

Direct election to mayor

The major challenge in the urban management in India is lack of democratic accountability. Indi follows a commissioner system where a commissioner appointed by the state government has all the powers and elected mayor is just a titular head. In this scenario, Government of India is considering direct elections to the office of Mayor. The challenge of this is that there can be a grid lock between the council and the mayor. Added to that there is no empirical evidence that direct;y elected mayor performs better than the indirectly elected mayor. The major issue is delegating the powers to the office of Mayor from the state.So, Mayor in council system can be an appropriate model for India. Creating an empowered and accountable political executive  for cities is important, but a directly elected mayor should be a political option, not a constitutional decree.


Hasten consensus

The log jam between the Judiciary and executive should end and the memorandum of procedure need to be drafted as quick as possible. As suggested by the constitutional bench, appointment process need to be broadened and transparency is to be sought. If it gets further delayed it will hurt the image of both the institutions.


Rajiv Khel Ratna awards

P V Sindhu, Sakshi Malik, gymnast Dipakarmankar  and ace shooter Jitu Rai are awarded Rajeev Khel Ratna Awards.


Kashmir – Prime minister of India said that there had to  be a dialogue to  find a “permanent and lasting solution” to  the problem within the framework  of  the Constitution.


Israel Palestine – Egypt president al Sasi said that Russia is ready to host peace talks between Israel and Palestine. According to him Israel is ready to resume talks but the fight between Hamas and Palestinian authority is the major challenge. So, the need of the hour is to have a national reconciliation in Palestine.


Infrastructure - The Centre is framing a policy to  enable all major ports to  set up subsidiary companies to  develop inland waterways. The objective is to shift the most of the cargo on the water,  a cheap mode of transport compared to road and rail.


India – Afghanistan - Prime Minister Modi assured the support of India for the prosperity of the Afghanistan on the occasion of the launch of stor palace in Afghanistan.


Good Samaritan law – SC of India recommended centre to frame the guidelines to protect the good Samaritans protecting the accident victims from undue legal hassles. In Line with this centre has notified standard operating procedures for good Samaritans. The main points of it are

  1. “The affidavit of  Good Samaritan, if filed, shall be treated  as  a  complete  statement by  the police official while conducting the investigation. In case,  the statement is to  be recorded, the complete statement shall be recorded in a single examinaction. Further, the examination of such a volunteer as a witness shall be done only on a single occasion and without harassment or intimidation.
  2. The crux of  the guidelines is that no bystander rushing to  the rescue of  an accident victim should be subject to civil or criminal liability and/or be forced to  be a witness.


Question of the day

Do you think direct election of mayor in cities will bring democratic accountability in the urban management. Discuss 


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