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My Notes 30 Aug 2016 30-08-2016

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The Hindu – Editorials

The neighbours concern

Prime ministers words on independence day in reference to Gilgit-Baltistan, Balochistan and Pak occupied Kashmir are carefully articulated and shows the assertiveness of India in dealing with the neighbours.

People of Gilgit -  Baltistan and PoK are citizens of India and our constitution recognises the same. So, prime ministers message is clear - Gilgit-Baltistan, Jammu, Ladakh and Kashmir are all equal stakeholders and the issue cannot be solved by  focusing on Kashmir alone. It  is a positive  sign that India is advancing a policy to  address the region’s  constitutional question by  bringing Gilgit-Baltistan on par with Kashmir at  the negotiating table.

China also considers Prime ministers statement as a watershed moment in India s policy towards Pakistan in the future. It is very worried about the situation in Balochistan as it is critical to China Pakistan economic corridor which is a pare of one belt one road initiative. China is also actively building infrastructure in Gilgit-Baltistan and PoK.

Balochistan is also a strategic location on both Maritime and land routes from Persian Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula. It forms close to 40% territory in Pakistan. In this context, rising of Human rights violations in Balochistan is a strategic move for India.


Primary care - Privileging primary care

National Medial commission bill prepared by NITI aayog recommends for permitting for profit colleges in Medical education. It will rise the cost of Medical education and so it encourages the students to focus on remunerative specialisations rather than primary care.

So, Government has to make an emphasis on making career of primary care physician attractive.

Added to this, rapid expansion of medical education is also not possible due to shortage of staff. So, faculty shortage need to be addressed. In not, private colleges start poaching faculty from Government colleges. It will adversely affect them.

The proposed  bill recommends for only nominated members as Part of the commission and mix of nominated and elected members can make their function better.


Politics of Dress code

Misogyny is in practice in every patriarchal society and it is taking a different form in the east or west. The dress code prescribed for a woman clearly signifies the same. In the east, woman dress code has to conceal their bodies. It is because it is believed that disrobing can bring shame to their families and particularly patriarchs. In the west women dressing choices are allowed and is used for commodification of women. Ex – provocative advertisement. The underlying issues is misogyny.

Added to this, marriage and relationships are based on some ideal standard of beauty. It all show the social conditioning to limit women equality.


Education – skill development in India is a still dependant on formal education system. It fails to differentiate between the unique needs of various students. So, adaptive learning that majorly focuses on individual competency and flexible learning is needed.


Note for essay - Albert Einstein famously quipped that insanity is the act of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Spanish philosopher George  Santayana said that, those who cannot remember the past are condemned to  repeat it!


Scramjet –supersonic combustion ramjet - This is ISRO’s  first major step towards developing an air breathing propulsion system.

A scramjet engine uses oxygen present in the atmospheric air to  burn the hydrogen fuel. So, it can be more efficient in carrying the payload.

Scramjet-powered rockets also have several times greater thrust compared with rockets powered by liquid fuel or even cryogenic fuel.

test flight, which attained six times the speed of sound (Mach 6) and was able to achieve ignition and maintain stable combustion even at such high velocity for about six seconds, is a big technological achievement.

It places India along with the leading space agencies in the world.


Preparing for the Fed rate  hike

USA is showing the consumption led expansion of the economy, improvement in labour market and it is soon expected that interest rates will be raised by the fed. This policy normalisation can impact India as flight of the capital is expected.

Inspite of change in situation still there are certain concerns

  1. Business investment remains soft
  2. Exports haven t improved as expected.




President of Myanmar U Htin Kyaw is on a visit to India and it is his first foreign visit. India and Myanmar signed MOU on construction of 69 bridges including approach roads in the Thamu – Kyigone – Kalewa section of the trilateral highway. It will also establish better connectivity between India and south east Asia. The other significant agreement is to upgrade th eKalewa – Yagyi road section.


Media – report of the committee for the protection of Journalists – It held that 27 journalists died in India since 1992 under unnatural circumstances and no one is convicted in any case till date. Most of these Journalists were reporting on corruption.

Infrastructure fund – ( India – USA ) Indian finance minister has requested US based funds to invest in infrastructure at the strategic and commercial dialogue.

India USA has developed various forums for business and these include US-India iNnovation forum, Global Entrepreneurship summit etc.


Parliamentary schedule – As time for presentation of Budget is being shifted to January some changes are expected in Parliament calendar.

  1. Vote on account budget may be discarded. ( it is provided under art 116)
  2. Railway and General budget are about  to be clubbed.


Question of the day

Do you think India rising the issue of Balochistan, Gilgit Baltistan, PoK as water shed moment in India s relations with Pakistan. Support with reasons. 


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