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My Notes 05 Sept 2016 05-09-2016

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From dissent to disapproval

Note – History shows that principled dissent often leads to reform.

Justice chalameshwar has boycotted the collegium on principle. His view is that executive can not be totally shut out of judicial appointments. The process shall be transparent and the public interest will be better served if the procedure of appointment of judges is thrown open to a debate.


G 20

Leaders at G20 opined that global economy is being threatened by rising protectionism and risks from highly leveraged financial markets. They showed a strong solidarity for free trade and globalization.

According to chinese president Xi Growth drivers facilitated through technology are gradually fading and a new round of technological and industrial revolution are necessary. Monetary, fiscal and structural reforms should be used to achieve solid and sustainable economic growth.


LEMOA – Merely a Logistics pact?

Logistics exchange memorandum of agreement was signed between India and USA. It is one of the foundational agreement India and USA have signed. The other two being CISMOA and BECA.(communication and interoperability and security memorandum of agreement, Basic Exchange and cooperation agreement).


  1. The objective of LEMOA is to strengthen cooperation between the worlds two largest democracies. Containment of China was not the primary objective. Inspite of this, the growing relation between the countries can worry China. USA declaration of  India as a major Defence partner, increased strategic cooperation can convey an impression that India is a major Non NATO ally. China is conceiving it from the prism of its Own  containment.
  2. The global politics are fact changing. Russia and China are moving close to each other economically and strategically on the issue of South China Sea, deployment of USA missile Defence systems  in Asia
  3. Russia is seeking to reinforce its strategic times with south East Asian countries and are looking forward for a strategic partnership for mutual benefit. Russia is carving out a sphere of influence in Eurasia and India is not a part of these plans. It is being conceived that India is moved too close to USA.
  4. USA history of alignments with other countries is concerned it is a true practitioner of real politik. Changes in policy are constantly effected to suit its global requirements. In this scenario, India shall make every effort to maintain its strategic autonomy.


Important events in India – USA relations

  1. India USA entered in to a Defence cooperation agreement in 2005 and it is renewed every five years.
  2. Next steps in strategic partnership is signed between India and USA when Clinton was the Secretary of the State.
  3. India is declared as a major Defence partner by the USA.


Rich and Poor states

The gap between rich and poor states


Real freedom lies in economic freedom.

Ms. Jayalalaitha – she is vocal in demanding for the greater  fiscal powers to the state. She also said. These should not be seen as centrifugal or fissiparous trends that have  to  be curbed, but as a manifestation of  India’s maturing as a nation with diversity and as a democracy.

India is the country with largest economic diversity in the world. The gap between the richest and poorest states in India is four times and is highest in the world. These economic disparities among the states is widening only after the economic reforms. The economic out performance of some of the states is due to an interplay of politics, leadership, policies, human capital. So, one size fits all approach of Delhi may not be appropriate.



The not-so-swachh life of  the Railways’  cleaners

The SafaiKarmacharis are the foot soldiers of the Indian railways massive cleanliness drive of the Swach Bharat Abhiyan.parliament has banned the manual scavenging through prohibition of employment as manual scavengers and their rehabilitation act, 2013. Inspite of this govt departments like railways are the major employers of them. So, it is the time to rehabilitate them.


Mother - Now  a saint, always  a mother

Mother Teresa is a personification of maternal love and a powerful advocate for the poor. Pope hills mother as a witness to God’s closeness to the poorest of the poor.


Question of the day

Fiscal freedoms to the states shall not be seen as a tone of dissidence of the states and is a reflection of the maturity of Indian democracy. Analyse.




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