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My Notes 14 Sep 2016 09-12-2016

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A first step to wholesome reform

Context – Supreme Court in its recent judgement in Youth bar association of India vs Union of India and others case held that police shall mandatorily register and upload the FIR with in 48hrs on to worldwide web.

It has many positive repercussions

  1. Registration of FIR will increases
  2. It reduces the unnecessary interference of politicians.

On the other hand, Supreme Court also took care of other practical aspects in Judgement, That is privacy and logistics.

If issues of privacy or national security are involved, the upload of FIR can be differed. But the decision can only be taken at the level of DySP. The decision is appealable before a committee headed by SP or police commissioner.

On logistics front, if the Internet connectivity is not available in the remote location of a police station, it can be uploaded with in 72hours by sending it to the district headquarters through a special messenger.

But the challenges remain

1        Police resources at the grass root level are grossly inadequate.

2        Corruption in police departments.

The above needs to be addressed. If not,changes remains grossly cosmetic.


Af Pak transit trade agreement

Afghanistan and Pakistan transit and trade agreement can be fruitful and advantageous to both the countries only of India-Pakistan trade gets strengthened. As of now, the agreement permits goods from Afghanistan to India and not vice versa. It mean that the trucks need to go back with out any load and it becomes financially unviable. In this scenario, Afghanistan is looking for restrictions on Pakistan trade to Central Asia through its soil. Both of these are harming the prosperity of the respective countries. Here,

  1. Due to lack of direct trade between India and Pakistan, trade through a third country route is increasing.
  2. India, Pakistan and Afghanistan are developing alternative routes for trade with each other and China. They are cumbersome and expensive. For instance,India is looking a trade through chabahar port and Pakistan through China Pakistan economic corridor.
  3. Pakistan also shall realize that threat to its market is not from Indian goods but from cheap Chinese goods.


States in Higher education - Involve  the States more in higher education.

In India, the quality of education is a major challenge. The solution is adopted for the same is the expansion of central educational institutions. In India as state universities and their affiliated colleges constitute close to 95% of access to higher education. In this context, it is not possible to raise the standards of higher education with out involvement of the states.

Added to this, private sector participation shall not see education as business only model and shall have an active participation in research in to the problems of the society.


Sharing with out caring

Cauvery water dispute is Turing out to be less about water and irrigation and more about linguistic chauvinism and regional identity. Involvement of local politics is the major reasons for the same., So, as Cauvery water dispute redress all tribunal suggested, the water sharing should be left in the hands of technical experts and not politicians.


The ceasefire in Syria

Context – The Putin Plan in Syria is to retain the Syrian state structure  and a collective fight of all major powers against jihadist groups including the Islamic state. Russian intervention has strengthened the Assad regime and weakened the rebels in Syria. In this scenario, fight against Islamic state is unifying global forces. So, the major challenges in achieving a ceasefire agreement are

1        Rebels are not a unified group. Russia wants Fateh al-sham need to be singled out and attacked and USA is uncertain.

2        USA is skeptical on Russia and Assad regime attack on Rebels.



Kashmir – UN high commissioner for Human Rights Mr. Zeus Raad Al Hussein  accused of India for Human rights violations in Kashmir. He questioned India’s denial access to UN experts in to Kashmir. Mr.  Hussein’s  reference  at the  HRC  in  Geneva  is  significant  as  it  sought  to  put  India  in  the  same  bracket  as Syria,  Ethiopia  and Venezuela,  calling  them  part of  “an  emerging  pattern”  of UN member states who deny the UN body access.


Judges - Approved  strength  of  judges  enoughto  end  backlog:  Law  panel  head

Justice Balbir Singh Chauhan – chairman of the law commission held that working judges and not increased strength of judges will lead to decreased pendency of cases.

On uniform civils code – he said it is a social issue and discussions are going on with all the stake holders.

On review of the advocates act to curb the misconduct of lawyers inside and outside the courts he clarified that judges  have  asked whether  Parliament  through law  can  empower  the  judiciary,  in  addition  to  the power  of  contempt  of  court, to  debar  lawyers  for  misconduct  committed  inside  and outside  the  courts.


Question of the day

Suggest the measures to make police functioning in India people friendly and citizen centric. Add a note on recent steps taken by the govt and courts in this direction.




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