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AAP challenges

  1. Civils society hangover - failed to shrug  o the  techniques  that  had  brought  it fame in  its  civil  society  avatar,  the  politics  of accusation,  ‘naming  and  shaming’,  and blame,  and  become  a  party  that  concentrates  on  democratic  governance.
  2. Leadership cult – AAP failed to come out of the accusation of leadership cult.
  3. Lack of internal democracy – Many of the leaders are leaving the AAP citing lack of respect for dissent.
  4. Populistic tendencies – it has diminished the difference between Aap and other parties.
  5. Excessive focus on corruption – other issues of concern for development are ignored and corruption has only become the central mobilization point.  

AAP has to club the politics of vision with politics of mobilization and shall build a robust inner party organization.


Apple’s Tax troubles

European Commission has imposed an hefty penalty of 13bn euros . It can effect the prospects of the transatlantic trade and investment partnership agreement. European Commission alleges that Ireland’s  ultra-low,  single digit  tax  arrangements  with  Apple  were  in  violation  of  EU  state  aid  rules.


The full circle of reason

After the failure of Pakistan to bring Taliban to table for negotiations, Afghan Government is looking for closer ties with India. It is clearly visible in recent actions of president Ghani. USA is also supporting the increased role of India in Afghanistan.

The major developments are

  1. India and Afghanistan have revised their landmark strategic partnership.
  2. President Ghani has supported Indias stand on Balochistan.
  3. India has supplied fighter helicopters to Afghanistan. The defence cooperation between India and Afghanistan is getting deepened. USA commander of forces in Afghanistan, Gen Nicholoson said – USA favours Indias military support to Afghanistan.
  4. USA stopped transferring F16 jets and $300mn aid to Pakistan. USA wants to keep relations with Pakistan strictly transactional.
  5. President Ghani has warned Pakistan that if continues to restrict India and Afghan trade, Kabul would consider blocking the Pakistan trade with Central Asia.
  6. Development of Chabahar port will bypass the Pakistan for India and Afghanistan trade.




Centre  bans  sharing of  Aadhaar  details

Agencies in  possession  of  Aadhaar  number  of an  individual  will  not  be  allowed  to  publish  or  post  the information  publicly  and will  have  to  ensure  security and  confidentiality  of  the  12digit  identification  number under the  Aadhaar  Act.


Antibiotic resistance

According to study conducted by the DeNIS – (Delhi Neonatal infections), 26% of the neonate deaths are connected to the microbial resistance. The major microbial organisms for which drug resistance is reported is for Acinetobacter, Klebsiella, E. coli.


Prachanda’S India visit

Prime minister of Nepal Pushpa Kumar Dahal AKA Prachanda made his first foreign visit to India. The major issues for discussion are

  1. Constitutional amendments as demanded by Madhesis
  2. Post earth quake reconstruction.
  3. Infrastructure projects including 5600mw Pancheswar Multi Purpose dam.


U.S.  expects  India  to  ratify Paris  agreement  this  year

INDC-Intended  National Determined  Contributions of India envisages  40%  non-fossil power  generation  capacity by 2030. An early positive decision  by  the  NSG  would have  allowed  India   to  move  forward on Paris  Agreement. USA expects India to ratify the Paris agreement by this year end.


Delink drug prices, R&D cost: UN panel Place  human  rights  over  IPR  laws,  says  report

A)    United  Nations High-Level  Panel  on  Access to  Medicines  has  called  for delinking  drug  prices  from research  and  development (R&D)  costs.  The  report calls  for  human  rights  to  be placed  over  intellectual property  laws  and  all  countries  must  freely  be  able  to use  flexibilities  granted  under  TRIPS  to  access  affordable  medicines.

B)     Panel recommended for greater transparency in drug pricing and public health impact of the free trade agreements.

C)     The report sees an incoherence between the human rights and the intellectual property rules.

SC pulls up T.N., Karnataka over Cauvery protests

The  Supreme Court  rapped the  governments Karnataka  and  Tamil  Nadu for  allowing bandhs and agitations  to  challenge  its  order passed  in  public  interest  to share  Cauvery  water  between the  States.


Question of the day

Analyse the reasons for the growing drug resistance in India and suggest the measures to fight the same. 


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