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Summit over substance

BRICS and BIMSTEC summit are going to be held in Goa and India is the host for both the summits. Russia, India and China interaction and outcome is the central point of the summit. It is being held after the judgement of international court of arbitration on South China Sea. Meanwhile Russia and China relations got strengthened and Russia explicitly supported China on South China Sea. At India China Russia foreign ministers trilateral meeting – it is been said that all the three countries are  committed  to  maintaining  a  legal  order  for  the  seas and  oceans  based  on  the  principles  of  international  law,  as  reflected  in  the  UN  Convention  on  the  Law  of  Sea  (UNCLOS).  All  related  disputes  should  be  addressed  through negotiations  and  agreements  between  the parties  concerned.  But, India later supported the judgement of International court of Arbitration. China might press for a similar statement at the summit.  


India shall shift itself form event oriented to process oriented diplomacy. Various initiatives at BRICS need to be throughly followed and finished.

  1. BRICS new development bank
  2. BRICS free trade agreement
  3. BRICS credit rating agency


it  fits  in very  well  with  the  logic  of  India’s  Act  East policy.  The  parallel  Mekong-Ganga  Cooperation  (MGC),  which  is  a  platform  for  India’s exclusive  engagement  with  the  countries  of Indo-China  (Thailand,  Laos,  Cambodia  and Vietnam) and Myanmar, could also  be  a  major  component  of  the  Act  East  strategy.  But neither  BIMSTEC  nor  the  MGC  have  lived up  to  their  potential,  and  India’s  engagement  with  them  has  been  mostly  episodic and ad hoc.



BRICS countries account for  41.6 per cent of  global  population,  29.31 per  cent  of  total  world  area and  about  22  per  cent  of world’s total  Gross  Domestic Product.


Towards a national health policy

Contraception shall be a reproductive choice for the adults. Permanent contraception is the most practiced contraception in India. In this scenario, experiences of the developed states prove that education and employment brings down fertility with out sacrificing the choice.



ARUNACHAL PRADESH – 43 MLAS of congress joined people s party of Arunachal and it is in turn is a part of BJP led coalition North east democratic coalition. The reasons cited are the maintenance of better relations with centre.


Himalayan climate impact – a joint working group is constituted by the BRICS environmental ministers to study the impact of climate change on Himalayas.


Innovation eco system – India has appointed a task force to make recommendations on nurturing  the innovation Eco systems in the country. India s ranking in global innovation index 2016 rose to 66th position. In Information and communication technology service export, India remained in top.


Micro finance institution – report do sa-Dhan a self regulatory body for Microfinance institutions – Bharat Microfinance report 2016.

1The report says that

  1. MFI loan disbursement increased at a faster pace on urban side compared to the rural side.
  2. 94% of the total loans disbursed are deployed for income generating activities.


Question of the day

India shall rise on to the global level with confidence and ability. It depends on building institutions and capacities. Critically analyse 


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