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My Notes 20 Sep 2016 09-02-2006

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Equity before uniformity

Context – Uniform civil code is projected as a pre requisite to bring gender equality in India. In this scenario, it is always a chicken and egg relationship which need to be strived for first.


Law commission of India declares three impediments for legislating UCC are separatism, conservatism and misconceived notions about personal laws. Here certain facts need to be understood.

  1. Islam sees the marriage as a contract and Hinduism sees the marriage as sacred. So, option for divorce is absent.
  2. Polygamy is also rampantly prevalent among Hindus. As the law do not accept polygamy, wives from second marriage do not enjoy any rights. Among Muslims, as polygamy is legally recognized, inheritance rights goes equally.
  3. Personal law reform alone can not bring in gender equality. It shall be associated with economic and political rights.
  4. Personal law reform shall happen from with in. It shall be based on universal values. It shall not give an impression of imposing one religion over the other.


EU - The  road from Bratislava

At a conference in Bratislava, Slovenia European leaders agreed that EU is facing the existential crisis. Brexit is manifestation and the real problem is in the migrant crisis, Islamophobia, Terror attacks. In this context, Bratislava conference offers a roadmap for the future. It includes

  1. Funding for strategic investments across the regions
  2. Establishment of a common capital market across the EU
  3. Acquiring advanced travel information to secure borders.

Added to this, other proposals are

  1. EU shall find a creative, humane, effective solution to reserve and resettle refugees.
  2. Creation of European army
  3. Greater engagement with citizens to explain the EU policies. It will reduce the fears of Brussels overreach.


NAM – The summit is held in Venezuela and India is represented by its Vice President – Hamid Ansari. Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro appears keen to recast the group as a bulwark against interventionism and neo colonialism.


Responding to URI

Pakistan is continuing terrorism as a state policy and is a victim for the same. In this context India need to focus on the following

  1. India shall have a comprehensive national policy to deal with domestic militancy and cross border terrorism.
  2. Development of an alert security grid.

Uri – The two NSA s must meet.

There are two reasons why India shall not go for any surgical strike against the Pakistan

  1. Surgical strikes work when bilateral relations are better. If not, situation will immediately slip out of control.
  2. Unrest in Kashmir can become an advantage to Pakistan to internationalise the issue. So, Kashmir need to be dealt with separately not in conjunction with Pakistan.

Added to this, diplomatic effort played a role. Uri is also a reminder that India needs a long term strategic policy on Pakistan.


Question of the day

What do you think is the impact of uniform civil code on gender equality in India. 


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