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My Notes 22 Sep 2016 22-09-2016

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The economy on auto pilot

The Modi government had inherited an economy that is quite rapidly accelerating with declining inflation. In this context, the success of the Modi government can be said very limited.

  1. Government has strongly adhered to the fiscal deficit targets and inflation targeting become the objective of monetary policy. Both the policies did not provide for a proper environment for growth.
  2. The significant change in economic growth can only happen with savings boost from domestic private sector. Still the sector is not performing well.
  3. If Singapore example is taken,. The economic success of Singapore happened on socialistic planning with public investment. This transformative role of public investments need to be understood.
  4. Agriculture need a greater attention.


Cauvery – river water disputes

Statement – Judicial interventions often resolves the questions that the executive finds sensitive to Handle.

Supreme Court of India has asked the centre to establish a Cauvery management board with in four weeks. It provides for a permanent technical team in place to decide on the matters of sharing during distress. It is in line with Tribunal award. The board will be assisted by a regulatory committee. It consist of irrigation engineers and agronomists,  Independent members and representatives of basin states.


Russia parliamentary elections – Putin tightens his grip

United Russia party of Putin has won the Russian parliamentary elections through 3/4th of the seats. The reasons include

  1. There is no viable united opposition.
  2. No leader of the stature of Putin exists in opposition.
  3. Annexation of Crimea, foreign policy successes in Syria have made Putin popular at home.

However, economic uncertainty is still looming large over the country.


Railway budget, a vanishing trick

The reasons stated for the merger of railway budget with general budget are

  1. Indian railway Need not pay annual dividend on the the budgetary support given by  government of India. It saves railways 10,000cr rupees annually.
  2. Separate railway budget is misused by the politicians as a populist platform to enhance their own image.
  3. No other ministry has a separate budget and the practice exists in no other country today.
  4. Railways share in the general budget has progressively reduced over the years, making separate budget an anarchism.
  5. Recently. there is fall in revenues, increased expenditure and market borrowings for developing the railways. It needs higher budget allocations.

On the other side

  1. Railways is the only department solely concerned with commercial operations.
  2. It is the department that earns besides spending.
  3. Railway budget provides an opportunity for the parliament to scrutinize in detail the functioning of the department.
  4. Gross earnings of railways stand at 1.68 lakh Crore not comparable to any dept.
  5. It has the highest staff strength and it fully meets the pension liabilities of its employees.

1n 1924, Ac worth committee first recommended for the separation of Railway budget from the general budget. It was seen as a commercial activity funded by British government and dividends need to be paid to the share holders. The designation of railways as a commercial activity still stays.


  1. The decision would end the autonomy of the largest public carrier in the country.
  2. Merger can be seen as a move towards privatization.



Sharif seeks probe into Kashmir ‘killings – Pakistan is trying to internationalize the ongoing agitations in Kashmir. In line with this, Prime minister of Pakistan Nawaz sharif has demanded for an Independent international Enquiry and glorified slain terrorist BurhanWani as an young leader.


Question of the day

Discuss the reasons for the merger of the railway budget with the general budget?




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