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Jaw jaw at the general assembly

India has described Pakistan a terrorist state that is now training militant proxies with a toxic curriculum at its Ivy League of terrorism. India also pointed out that Pakistan nuclear proliferation record is marked by deception and Deceit.

Mr sharif speech at UNGA is majorly focused on the Kashmir and plebiscite in Kashmir. But the promise of N plebiscite can only be considered after the Pakistan troops vacate the territory it currently occupies.

Added to this, India’s  diplomats  have  fought  and struggled  for  decades  to  keep  Kashmir  off the  UN’s agenda,  and  the  Centre  does  no  good  to  its  case  by bringing the subject back into focus by joining issue with  Pakistan  in  such  a  high-pitched  manner.


Push back against civil liberties

Constitutional law prohibits caste based discrimination explicitly.

In Indian society , a sense of impunity is nurtured by the caste hierarchy. It is responsible for relations , attitudes and conditioning of the people. If Dalits exhibit little prospect of social and economic mobility, improvement in their life is seen as a a reduction in the social distance and there by fall in the social status of the upper castes.

As the state depends on the constitution for its action, it shall condemn discrimination. In this context, civil rights act, 1955, prevention of atrocities act 1989 are intended to protect Dalits against oppression, discrimination. There are growing demands for the repeal of the laws as they are prone for misuse. In this scenario, following observations are important

  1. Since  any  law  can  be  “misused”,  it  is  not the potential  for  misuse  but  its  actual  occurrence  and  frequency  that  matter,  and  this needs  to  be  established  through  credible evidence. 
  2. If National crime records are analyzed, the convictions are almost absent under prevention of atrocities act. It is cited due to poor implementation of the act.
  3. reports  from  activist  groups  show  that  it  is hard  for  ordinary  Dalits  to  get  cases  registered,  and  extremely  difficult  to  get  them placed  under  the  PoAA.




India,  France  ink  €7.87 bn agreement  for  36  Rafales

India and France concluded an inter governmental agreement to buy 36 Rafale jets at 7.87 by Euros in fly by condition. The Rafale is a twin jet, multi role fighter aircraft. It is capable of carrying out all combat missions – air Defence, interception, grouped support, in depth strikes, reconnaissance, anti ship strikes and nuclear detterence.

Nuclear deterrence is very critical for India because mirage jets intended for nuclear war head delivery are getting outdated.

Besides this, there is a 50% offset clause under the agreement. It is the largest Defence deal India signed till date.


River water Dolphins

These are endangered species and are found in rivers of Brahmaputra and Ganga. They do not possess eyes and navigate through bio sensors. The present inland waterway development between Allahabad and Haldia is expected to endanger their habitat. The dredging activity and sound of moving trolleys can disturb their navigation. In this context, the following recommendations are made

  1. Minimizing dredging
  2. Restriction on cargo vessels movement through protected habitat areas.
  3. Installation of sound mufflers to reduce underwater noise.

Dengue vaccine

Indian pharma Major sun pharma in joint venture with Internaitonal centre for genetic engineering and Bio technology, New Delhi to develop a vaccine for Dengue. This would be the first time a vaccine developed entirely in India for a vector borne disease.

Citizenship bill

The Government of India has changed the text in citizenship amendment bill –it has replaced the word religious minorities with discriminated religious minorities.

India – EU

India – EU hopes to re engage  on proposed free trade agreement and  an investment protection pact is also expected to be a part of the same.


Question of the day

Caste violence in India is manifestation of caste discrimination. Discuss the legal protection available for the Dalits from discrimination and their weakness. 


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