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My Notes 26 sep 2016 26-09-2016

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Please Follow My Notes and My Video 26 September 2016

 solving the Pakistan puzzle

The major challenge of India to handle Pakistan is lack of a coherent policy and Pakistan inability to handle its promises to India. Pathankot, pimpore, uri all reflect the above. Uri attack is very significant as it happened as the unrest in Kashmir is going on. Though military options have come in to lime light after the attack, the unacceptable costs of winning war with Pakistan should make India to look for other strategies. They are

  1. India need to deal with Pakistan with in larger grand strategic scheme. In the grand strategic scheme of things, Pakistan is an irritant and not a strategic threat.
  2. India shall learn to defend itself better. Better border management, more army BSF deployment in the vulnerable areas etc.
  3. Engaging directly the Pakistan Army by opening discreet negotiations with it.
  4. India has to deal the unrest going on in Kashmir. If Kashmir is peaceful, it will waken all the claims of Pakistan.

Chanakya’s  perceptive advice  in  Arthasasthra:  “A  ruler  with  loyal people  accomplishes  his  task  even  with  a little  help  because  of  their  cooperation.”


Rafale Jets–In direct Government to government deal, India has purchased 36 Rafale aircrafts in the largest Defence deal. The weapons package includes the meteor guided beyond visual range air to air missiles with a range over 150 km and the scalping range air to ground missiles with a range of 300km. Rafales are also expected to play a lead role as the delivery platforms in India s second strike capability replacing the mirage 2000 fighters.

But, the challenge the arms composition of Indian Air Force is getting diversified with Russian, French and other systems. It can make operational logistics complicated. Cost of operations are bound to increase. So, India shall make procurements based on a. Long term integrated plan.


Falling behind the schedule – OECD report on education – Education at a glance 2016

The report says that current educational attainments remains far from adequate for the enhancement of personal well being and social progress.

Across the world, it is proven that people with better education have a better wage advantage and better tax returns for the govt. Inspite of this, public expenditure on higher education is decreasing.

Sustainable development goal 4 related to education may not be realized by 2030. The same concern also expressed by the UNESCO 2016 report. The  objectives  of  reduction  of  poverty,  alleviation  of  hunger,  expansion  of  employment,  empowerment  of  women  and  gender  equality  are  all influenced  by  the  qualifications  and  skills  that  men and women possess. It in turn depends on the societies expenditure on the education.


Right to photocopy – Delhi high court judgement in the case The Chancellor, Masters and Scholars  of  the  University  of  Oxford  v. Rameshwari  Photocopy  Services.


 The copy right act 1957 intends to protect the copy right owners from commercial exploitation o their work by others. But, section 52 of the act provides for a fair deal for dissemination of knowledge and exception for the reproduction of copy righted material in the course of an instruction. The judgement has broadened the definition of course of instruction and extended it to entire academic session. It places no limitation on photocopy if the material is prescribed in the course of instruction. Here the question is , the exceptions provided in the section 52(1)(I) permit reproduction of the whole book or only reasonable excerpts.?




Supreme Court has clearly stated that government shall not insist for the Aadhar number for access to welfare benefits. Inspite of this, centre has been insisting the same and it court warned that it may issue of contempt of court order if it continues.


Climate pact

India is ratifying the Paris climate pact on october2,2016. The climate pact comes in to force if at least 55 countries responsible for 55% of emissions ratifies the treaty. India responsible for 6% of emissions ratifying the treaty is a big step forward.


Disparity between the states

The EPW study shows that regional disparities are growing in India. Development clusters – a combination of quality service delivery and high per capita income are emerging among the more developing states in the south and west of the country.


Indus water treaty, 1960 -In  an  indication that  the  government  was weighing  extreme  diplomatic  actions  against Pakistan  in  the  wake  of  the terror  attack  on  an  Army camp  in  Uri,  Kashmir  last week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is  expected to  chair a meeting  on  the  Indus  Waters  Treaty.


Silk Road – China sees Kashmir dispute is an impediment to beijings one belt one road initiative with the China Pakistan economic corridor at its core. Balochistan issue getting international attention can be an obstacle to China s grand plans.


Question of the day

Public investment in Education is critical for the elimination of poverty and Hunger. Elaborate. 


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