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My Notes – 29 sep 2016


To revive An old friendship

Context – Recently, Russia and Pakistan conducted military exercises. In this scenario, the article explains the need to revive India’s relations with Russia.

  1. India till date has supported all the Russian positions on Crimea, Chechnya, Syria. Russians also backed Indian position on Kashmir, terrorism. Russia also have provided sensitive technologies to India. This trust between the countries need to be carried forward.
  2. India need to assure Russia that it s closeness to USA shall not be seen as against to Russia. It is not a zero sum game.
  3. Russia is majorly dependant on the export of gas and arms. It is searching for new markets. Pakistan is one. India has to understand these concerns of Russia. It shall learn the art of dealing with contradictions and collaborations.
  4. Russia and India have common positions and concerns in Afghanistan.
  5. The Russia-India  investments  in  the  oil  and  gas sector  and  exports  to  third  countries  need  to be  energised.  Joint  manufacturing  needs  to be  planned.  A  continuous  engagement  and follow-up  plan  need  to  be  made.
  6. India and Russia are engaged in multiple multilateral fora. BRICS, SCO and Russia has proposed for RIC. India shall welcome the idea not being wary of China.
  7. India is instrumental in working for a multi polar world that benefitted Russia and India. To retain this India and Russia shall be the active strategic and economic allies.

The SAARC Gambit- Mission ‘SAARC minus Pakistan

India is striving for the SAARC minus Pakistan. It is clearly necessary as Pakistan has blocked all the protocols to better link the region. Added to this, many of the countries have their own complaints on Pakistan state sponsored terrorism. But, if SAARC need to make a significant impact cooperation between India and Pakistan is essential. It is required for betterment of humanity. SAARC region holds 1/5th of world population and two fifths of world poverty.

It  was  precisely  to  work  around  bilateral  tensions  in  the  subcontinent,  especially  between  its  two  biggest  members,  and  to  make  space for  discussion  on  common  issues  such  as  trade,  infrastructure,  sustainable  development  and  poverty alleviation,  that  SAARC  was  set  up. If India is moving out of the SAARC, the very  objective will be. Diluted.

Prime Minister Modi has made it clear that threat India would like to go forward with regional connectivity band other initiatives with all SAARC member countries if possible end with only some if necessary. In Line with this, South Asia sub regional economic cooperation programme in Delhi is set to release its operational plan for 2016-2025. India is pushing for comprehensive convention on International terror.

On the other hand, Pakistan is trying to internationalise the Kashmir issue and UN Human rights council has issued a statement in this regard. Pakistan continues  to  receive  support from  several  other  countries outside  of  the  SAARC,  most notably  China,  and  also  has  a new relationship  with  Russia that  conducted  its  first  ever military exercises in Pakistan just  days  after  the  Uri  attack. Iran  too  sent  four  naval  warships  to  the  Karachi  port  to participate  in  a  Passage  exercise  (PASSEX) .


Rescuing the Syrian truce deal

Russia and USA cane with a ceasefire agreement earlier this month. But, it is been violated by both the sides. Russia is demanding the USA not to support the jihadist groups among the rebels lime Jabhat Fateh al – SHAm.  USA has its focus only On ISIS. On the other hand, Assad forces are making advances in Aleppo, largest Syrian city. It can cause huge human causalities. Russia shall use its good office to avoid the Aleppo siege.


Paris agreement - India’s climate future at stake

  1. India has declared with haste for the ratification of the Paris deal. Now, India has to report its emissions to the UN Secretary General. It shall accept the steps to restrict the rise in core temperature of earth to 2degree Celsius.

States in India are not geared up for the clean energy targets. So, it may be too early for India to move forward with Paris deal.



No option but to talk

India and Pakistan has no other option but tocontinue the dialogue. Reasons include

  1. Both the countries are nuclear weapon nations. Pakistan is also investing in tactical nuclear weapons.
  2. The prospects of conventional war may escalate in to nuclear showdown.
  3. scrapping  most  favoured nation (MFN) status or the  Indus Waters Treaty,  such  initiatives  have  little prospects  of  short-term  gains.

If business and trade interests are strengthened across the border, it rises the voice of economics over the military actions.



Bank accounts - 94.4%  households have  bank  accounts’

The Labour bureau data shows that 94.4% of households in India have a savings bank account in 2015-16. Government of India’s recent  initiatives  to enhance the  financial inclusion  and  accessibility of  financial  institutions such as  Pradhan  Mantri Jan  Dhan  Yojana  and Pradhan Mantri  Micro Units  Development and Refinance  Agency (Mudra) Yojana  may  have translated  into  entering  of more population  in  the ambit of  formal  financial activities,” 



Question of the day

Discuss the Indias INDC and the steps taken by the Government to achiev the same. 


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